Zambia Walking Safaris

Zambia Walking Safaris
Imagine waking at the break of dawn to a brilliant red sky and the sound of lions  calling in the distance. Picture yourself with a hot cup of coffee on the veranda, listening to the birds waking to the day.
 our guide will lead you on a foot safari deep into the very heart of Zambia, pointing out various animals as you pass them. You'll cut through thick vegetation as you quietly follow the lion tracks  view the signs of a whole herd of elephants that were here scant hours ago.
 Moving further into the trees you'll hear the leaves crack and find a herd of zebras displayed for your view, carefully feeding, ever alert and waiting for any sign of danger. You and your companions will hang back slightly, careful to ensure that you're not scented as you move slightly closer at the signal from the guide. The tiny zebra steps out from behind its mother, showing just long enoug  for one quick shot with the camera. Zambia Walking Safaris The guide who leads you will tell you about the animals in front of you and help you to understand more about the wildlife and the people of the country that you are exploring. The troop of baboons that you pass makes threatening sounds but does not leave the trees, adding to the excitement and the slight tension of your walking safari. Along the way you'll take in the sights, the sounds and the scents of Africa and grow to un em and more about what makes this beautiful country worth preserving and exploring.

                             Zambia Walking Safaris

The first walking safaris of Zambia began in the 1950s when big game hunts were the rage. It was unique for someone to want to go and visit Africa and to take pictures of the animals as opposed to hunting them. Today walking safaris are a tourism draw.nyMany thousands of people from all countries of the world visit Zambia and other parts of Africa to take a walking safari each year. When  are looking for a vacation that is unique in every detail, that can rais the hair on the back of your neck and offer you a feeling of incredible peacein the same half hour time span, a walking safari in Zambia is exactly what you're looking for. Make it a point to take a walking holiday of Zambia at least once in your lifetime. It's an experience that will truly take your breath away.

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