Western Cape Winelands

Western Cape Winelands

Cape Winelands - vineyards around Stellenbosch

Jan Joubert's Gat bridge is situated on the Franschhoek Mountain pass in Cape Winelands.

The Cape Winelands is a region of the Western Cape Province of South Africa. It is the largest wine producing region in South Africa and is divided into six main wine regions, each offering its own unique wine route. Constantia, Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Paarl, Robertson and Wellington are the most popular. The geographic area is generally referred to locally as the Boland, meaning uplands in Afrikaans.

Constantia Valley wine region is situated in mountainous surroundings, and is home to some of the oldest wine estates in the country.

Stellenbosch wine region is well known in the Cape. In 1971 the first official wine route was founded by Frans Malan of Simonsig, Spatz Sperling of Delheim, and Niel Joubert of Spier.

Franschhoek valley wine region was settled over 300 years ago by the French Huguenots. Set against the backdrop of the Franschhoek and Drakenstein mountains, the village has over 30 wine farms.[4]

                                  Western Cape Winelands

Western Cape Winelands

A majority of the vineyards located in South Africa can be found in the Western Cape. While there are many Sauvignon blancs in the area, thanks to the climate of the area, robust Rhone style red wines are also readily available. While some people assume that the increase in worldwide vineyard popularity that caused the Western Cape winelands to be established, wine making actually dates back to February 2, 1659 when Jan Van Riebeek produced the first bottles of wine. Over the years, the wine production in the area has remained steady and strong and in 1971, the area opened its first wine route. Some regions are more prominent in South Africa than others when you are exploring the Winelands of the area. Among those most classified as being part of this district include:

Thanks to the fertile soils, the African winelands are some of the best in the world. World respected, the wines are also the second largest attraction in Africa behind Cape Town itself. Best of all it features several hundred different wines, ensuring that visitors to the area will have a chance to find a perfect vintage and style of wine that suits their needs.

Tours of the area are also frequently held, thanks in part to the demand for the wineries in the area. While there is the ability to take R130 or R44 to help tour the vineyards in the area, there are also tour groups that will take you to visit each of the exquisite local wineries. While you are there, you can sample the different styles of wine they offer and taste a glass of the best each has to offer. In many cases, the sampling will be free on your chartered tour, giving you the chance to savor the flavor without having to worry about driving or shelling out endless amounts of money to sample the best wine in the land. If you are looking for a place to visit that will have beautiful scenery, good food and some of the best wine in the world then you need to visit the Western Cape wineries.

These wineries will be perfect place to gain some appreciation of the local culture and professional crafted wines that have been celebrated by visitors for hundreds of years.

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