Western Cape Hermanus

Western Cape Hermanus

Established in 1891,  Hermanus is one of the most beautiful places in South Africa.

It spans 24.1 square kilometers and has a population of 32,769 people. This area is also well known for offering some of the best wine vineyards in Africa  in addition to being an area that celebrate the majestic whale. In fact, those visiting Hermanus will find what is known as the Hermanus Wine Route.

This route allows visitors to easily travel through the wine region and experience the natural beauty of the area. This route features 15 wineries that produce a great selection of premium wine. The most common styles of wine are the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

The main vineyards in the area are Grenache, Nebbiolo, Mourvèdre, Sangiovese and Viognier with the vineyards covering 20km of land. As you explore the local vineyards, you will notice the Babylonstoring and Raed-na-Gael mountain ranges in the distance. That adds to the breathtaking scenery that you will encounter.

                                Western Cape Hermanus

In addition to the wines that are available, there is also a great selection of olives, produce and crafts form the local area that can make visiting here, something  that you will remember for a lifetime. Of course, the food and wine are only a part of the experience people will have here.  Whale spotting is another important part of the local culture. Since 1992, the area has had a whale crier who announces whales when they are being sighted. This important part of culture is one that has inspired books and even documentaries.

There is also a whale festival that is celebrated annually at the end of September. This festival is in honor of the return of the whales that are back for their calving and mating season. Another festival is held in August that is known as Kalfiefees which celebrates the birth of the new whales. In both festivals, there is plenty of food, high quality African wines and celebrations during these months that showcase the passion for whales that this area has. There is no denying that the Western Cape Hermanus is one of the most breathtaking and culturally rich areas in South Africa.

It will be the ideal destination for those who are looking to explore all of the natural beauty of the area, while also having a chance to sample the finest African wines that are available.

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