Walvis Bay Namibia


Walvis Bay Namibia

Walvis Bay Namibia, which is often referred to as “Walvisbaai”, is located 30 kilometers south of the City of Swakopmund. If you come into the bay from the north, you can access Walvis Bay on a beautiful, tropical road that runs beside the majestic ocean and is lined by golden colored sand dunes. Situated at an exceptionally wide lagoon, the town is home to numerous birds of the sea – such as pelicans that can be observed using their elastic pouches to obtain fish and flamingos with their bright coloration of crimson, vermilion, and pale pink.

The name, “Walvisbaai”, for which Walvis Bay is named, literally translates into “Whale Bay”. To date, there are 85,000 inhabitants and the city owns a total of 11 square miles of land. Walvis Bay was officially founded in the year 1793 by Cape Dutch. Just a couple of short years later, it was annexed by the British.

In the year of 1910, this city officially became part of the area union called, “South African Union”. Immediately after acquiring independence, the sea port remained under the rule of Africa however, in the year of 1994, the former president of the South African region named F.W de Klerk took the deep sea port and gave it back to the city. Since that time, it has remained under the ownership of the city.

                      Walvis Bay Namibia

The beautiful lagoon that is part of Walvis Bay is considered to be the most popular scenic-based features associated with the city. Each year, thousands of birds flock to the lagoon for hibernation. In addition to this, it is considered to be a vital wetland region for the southern areas of Africa. If visiting the bay, a visit to the local museum should be scheduled. There, you may find the civic center of the city, an information center about the birds of the region, as well as a historical church that was constructed during the year of 1880. In addition to this, there is a very large dune – the largest in the area, in fact –called “Dune 7”. If visiting, you should make an attempt to climb it because, once you achieve success, you will have the ability to take in a breathtaking view.

When visiting Walvis Bay, you will discover a wealth of opportunities to explore the beautiful region and enjoy yourself. If you want to enjoy the angling opportunities in the region, you may take a trip to Sandwich Harbor. If you want to enjoy the city life, you will discover a wide range of restaurants, pubs, and shops. In addition to this, there are many beautiful hotels and resorts that you may stay at while visiting Namibia. Considered to be the center of tourism in Namibia, there are many activities that you may engage in and sights to see while at Walvis Bay.

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