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Moremi Game Reserve

This gem of a National Park has garnered a number of important distinctions. in 2008, it was voted the ‘best game reserve in Africa’ by the prestigious African Travel and Tourism Association at South Africa’s premier tourism fair, Indaba.

It is the first reserve in Africa that was established by local residents. Concerned about the rapid depletion of wildlife in their ancestral lands – due to uncontrolled hunting and cattle encroachment – the Batawana people of Ngamiland, under the leadership of the deceased Chief Moremi III’s wife, Mrs. Moremi, took the bold initiative to proclaim Moremi a game reserve in 1963.

It is the only officially protected area of the Okavango Delta, and as such holds tremendous scientific, environmental and conservation importance.

Moremi Game Reserve is situated in the central and eastern areas of the Okavango, and includes the Moremi Tongue and chief’s island, boasting one of the richest and most diverse ecosystems on the continent.

And, undoubtedly, Moremi ranks as one of the most beautiful reserves in Africa, possibly in the world.

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The only inland Delta in the world! Africa's best game viewing area and game encounters between lion and buffalo in the remote Duba Plains.  I have attached a link below "Wildlife Conservation Duba Okavango" for you to enjoy! There are two seasons to consider where you will find abundant game. Elephant, lion,buffalo and more. The Dry Season is May to October you will possibly see more game as it is more open and the animals have less places to hide!

Then the Rainy Season November to April they tend to hide a little more which can make it more thrilling as you find lurking surprises in the lush vegetation, so both seasons have their advantages! There are a large number of safaris to choose from to suit your needs. I have added links below for you to browse See link for "Wildlife Conservation Duba Okavango" with Derek & Beverley Joubert. The world renowned husband and wife team It is titled "Relentless Enemies" done for National Geographic book and film project!. You will be fascinated with their work done at this remote, untouched and special northern part of the Okavango Delta! Click Link Below  "Wildlife Conservation Duba"

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