Vegan Safari Holidays

Vegan Safari Holidays

I'm excited to share this post. Liz Longacre, the founder of Gentle Living talks about my two favorite things-- traveling and animals! She just came back from a vegan safari in Africaand below she tells us all about it.

Vegan Safari Holidays Safaris are a wonderful way to introduce kids to wild animals instead of at zoos, aquariums, animal shows and other "entertainment" venues. Read on to find out how you can take your family on an animal-friendly vegan safari...  

Liz Longacre, founder of Gentle Living

Vegan Family Safaris by Liz Longacre - Raising Veg Kids

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Traveling abroad as a vegan can get tricky. Some countries just aren’t as vegan-friendly as others.

Traveling with vegan children gets even more complicated.

Going on an African safari as a vegan family? Impossible?

Vegan Safari Holidays

Where are you going to find food? Will your tour guides make sure your vegan requirements are taken care of?

Will you have to feed your children junk food the whole time to get by? 
While veganism is growing, the travel industry is a long way away from truly recognizing this market. And unfortunately, animals are often exploited through tourism instead of protected by it.

When I started selling vegan safaris in Tanzania through my boutique travel company, I had no idea if they were going to work well. Would my local guides take vegan restrictions seriously?Is veganism even understood in Tanzania? Would they really deliver on everything I was asking them to do?

                              Vegan Safari Holidays

Somehow I serendipitously lucked out and found local guides in Tanzania, a top safari destination, who go above and beyond when it comes to my very detailed  food requirements. Unlike most local guides who I’ve presented this request to, they actually seem to enjoy the challenge of creating vegan safaris. They’ve been the most amazing people to work with and have delivered over and over again when it comes to making sure vegan clients are well fed. 
To my surprise my local guides recently invited me on a vegan safari  so I could experience what I’ve been selling first hand Needless to say, our safari was amazing and the people I work with were even more wonderful than I imagined. Below are some pictures of the amazing, healthy and fresh food we ate in Tanzania. 
Traveling on safari with a company that doesn’t take your food requirements seriousl can be tricky.

You can’t walk to a nearby restaurant, you have to rely on your guides, your private chefs, and/or the hotels you’re staying at to make sure your food needs are being met. 

While in Africa I met another vegan couple on safari who said that once the travel companythey hired took their money, they no longer cared about their food restrictions. They were not given vegan meals and they both ended up getting food poisoning and being sick for four days straight. What a way to ruin a safari!

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Vegan Family Safaris by Liz Longacre - Raising Veg Kids

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