University of Botswana

Created and Founded in 1982, University of Botswana was the first college or university,

in fact the first school for higher learning at all in Botswana.

There are four campuses to the University, or UBV. One lies in Francistown, one is in Maun, two are in the city of Gaborone, which is the capital city. The school began by means of an endowment of $50,000000. Their official website is located at

There are six different departments or faculties. These include:

Faculty of Business - University Of Botswana

Faculty of Education - University Of Botswana

Faculty of Engineering & Technology - University Of Botswana

Faculty of Humanities - University Of Botswana

Faculty of Science - University Of Botswana

Faculty of Social Sciences - University Of Botswana

The University of Melbourne in Melbourne began to enroll medical students in UB as a collaborative effort with UB in 2010. The warehouse that originally housed the students has given way to a Faculty of Health Sciences building and the school is also creating a teaching hospital of approximately 450 beds.
The administrative staff numbers approximately 2600 people, while the students number about 15,000, with approximately 1400 being post graduate and 14000 being undergraduate.

                        University of Botswana

The University had its start as a part of another university system. It was founded to lower the dependence on other education in South Africa during the apartheid years. One university removed itself from the alliance, leaving just two to carry the weight of the student body. In the early part of the 1980s the university divided into two unique and separate state universities in a mutual agreement.
 The President of Botswana is the Chancellor. There is also an on-site Vice Chancellor. During the time the University has been in operations, only four Vice Chancellors have existed. Those Vice Chancellors include Professor John Turner of Manchester England, Professor Thomas Tlou of Luther, Professor Sharon Siverts of Ohio and Pennsylvania and Professor Bojosi Otlhogile, an Attorney from Botswana.

Student life is not much different than the norm with many students living on the campus in dormitories. They use a cafeteria and enjoy many different sports and other extra curriculur activities such as volleyball, handball, basketball, tennis, swimming in the Olympic sized pool, as well as an entertainment area.
 The university offers them free counseling services along with free medical services. There is an extensive library system that caters to the study needs of the students of the University. The official website offers curriculum information as well as career guidance, studies information and information about student accommodations and residence as well as the support services that are available for the students.

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