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Located in Namibia’s Oshikoto region, Tsumeb is a town of approximately 15,000 people and it’s known for the proximity to Etosha National Park. Are you planning a visit to this part of Namibia? Here’s everything that you need to know in order to make the most of your stay.

Overview The German colonial power founded the town of Tsumeb in 1905 and the place celebratedits 100th anniversary in 2005. Since its early days, Tsumeb has been a predominantly mining town. Today, the old mine has actually become one of the popular landmarks. Two large and very beautiful lakes are found close to Tsumeb these are Otjikoto and Guinas lakes.

In addition, the region is the home of one of the deepest and biggest underground lakes in the world. Tsumeb is also the site of the biggest meteorite in the world. Hoba is located in a field approximately 40-minutes by car away from the town. The 60-ton meteorite was too big to be moved, which is why it has remained at the place where it fell.

Traveling to Tsumeb Mokuti Lodge Airport is the closest one to Tsumeb and it’s located 101 kilometers away from the town. From there, you can rent a car and reach your final destination effortlessly. The town is also accessible by bus and train from Windhoek. Because of its proximity to Etosha National Park, the town has a vast range of accommodation options. There are lodges, safari camps, spa hotels and country houses. Determine your budget in advance and look for an accommodation possibility that will correspond to the amount you’re capable of spending. 

                             Tsumeb Namibia

Attractions and LandmarksYou need to dedicate at least several days to exploring Tsumeb and the beauty of the northern Oshikoto region. The place has a lot to offer, regardless of the tourism activities that you’re mostly interested in. Tsumeb Mine, as already mentioned, is one of the region’s popular landmarks. To date, a total of 226 different minerals and metals have been found in the Tsumeb mine. These include a vast range of semi-precious minerals like tourmaline and malachite.Lake Otijkoto attracts many tourists, as well.Prior to surrendering in 1915, German troops dumped all of their weapons in this limestone lake formation to prevent British troops from laying hands on this military equipment.

Finally, Etosha National Park is probably the most important regional landmark.The town is the perfect place to start your wildlife exploration from. This park is the largest game reserve in the world and a place that will enable you to explore 28 game species and more than 340 different bird species.

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