Travel to Namibia

Travel to Namibia

From Cape Town


The best route to Namibia from Cape Town is along the N7 highway via Springbok. Following this route one crosses the border between South Africa and Namibia at the Vioolsdrif border post. 

Petrol and Diesel are available at most if not all towns along this route

The most convenient spot to overnight on the route between Cape Town and Vioolsdrif is Springbok.  There is accommodation available at the Springbok Lodge, The Springbok Hotel and the Masonic Hotel amongst others. 

There are also a couple of campsites both in Springbok and on its outskirts.  Having investigated the campsite and caravan park on the N7 we found that it was just a glorified dust bowl and so opted to stay in the Springbok Hotel for the evening.  A double room with on suite bathroom costs R202.00 for the evening (bed only) and is more than adequate.  We have since been told that there is another campsite in Springbok which is much better situated. We did however not stay there and have no further details about it.

There is a new Travel and Visitors Centre in Springbok which has opened on its main road.  The centre is a good place to stop on the way in to Springbok and provides excellent information about accommodation, camping and youth hostels.  The Centre also serves light meals and breakfast and offers Internet and email facilities. 

Good Places to dine in Springbok include Titbits (which serves great pizza) and the Springbok Lodge.  There are also a whole host of take away places including Steers and KFC.  Breakfast at the Springbok Hotel is a rather dismal affair so we tried the Travel Centre.  We were very pleasantly surprised!  We were treated to the most magnificent English breakfast for under R30.00 each.

The Trans Kalahari Highway has now been completed and provides a fully tarred route from South Africa to Namibia via Botswana.  If one chooses to follow this route it is necessary to check on the entry requirements for Botswana. 

                                Travel to Namibia

It is necessary, on entry into Botswana, to pay a road levy at the South Africa / Botswana border.  This levy costs 5 Botswana Pula or 10 South African Rand. Make sure that you have the correct amount available in either currency, as change may not be available.  We made the mistake of obtaining our Botswana currency in 100 Pula denominations and the border officials were unable to provide us with change.  As a result we had to scratch around for our last Rands to pay for the insurance.  Once the insurance has been purchased a token is issued which must be retained as proof of purchase of the third party insurance.

Travel to Namibia

Petrol and diesel would appear to be less readily available on this route.  It is therefore necessary to obtain reliable information about the availability of fuel before setting out.  We did not travel on this route and so cannot provide accurate information however we were warned that there is no fuel between Kang (Botswana) and the Buitepos border post – a distance of about 400km’s.  The stretch between Kang and Gabarone is also about 350 km’s and it is necessary to ensure that you have sufficient fuel before attempting the stretch.

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