Travelers Healthy Eating

                                Travelers Healthy Eating

                             Fully "Vegan" Perfect Health
                                        for Travelers?

                               Travelers Healthy eating

Today more and more people like you and me are LEARNING FINDING that the way to FEEL GOOD All the time is to Investigate the Benefits of a "Vegan Diet" Lifestyle! Yes you may laugh but it works according to what  I have experienced so far! Everything just seems to get better and better! Personally I am eat mostly"Raw" Perfect for me a Senior! I find it is what makes me "Love Myself" "Feel Good" and gives me ENERGY! So I can LOOK and FEEL GREAT keep in mind mostly "RAW" Vegan and Daily Steamed Quinoa! and 1 Boiled Egg Daily 6/7 minutes!

Travelers Healthy Eating

The REAL improvement came when "Fully Raw Vegan" Health was introduced to me thanks "Fully Raw" Dr Doug Graham 80-10-10 30 Years and Kristina 11 Years who both turned their lives around eating  "Fully Raw Vegan"! Watch her Travel Video below

Alicia Silverstone has an amazing  book "The Kind Diet" She is a Vegan (Cooked & Raw)  I suggest watching the videos below All are very interesting and informative. See Also"Raw Food Health" by Andrew Perlo Foods4BetterHealth (blog

I am my own DOCTOR and follow a STRICT mainly "Raw Vegan Diet"  a "Perfect Health" Lifestyle! When you follow this"Raw Perfect Health"  Traveling Lifestyle will see AMAZING benefits on  your Exotic Southern African" Dream" Safari!

Your holiday may include Walking Horseback Otter Trail and more +++    My main objective is to see ALL who book their Safari Holidays through my site have the most healthy joyful and memorable holiday/Vacation they have ever had!

               Travelers Healthy Eating

Started 12th November 2014 Had to learn and experience that for ME a Senior that "Fully Raw" "Saved my Life"! I have experimented with  Cooked and Raw but find "Raw" Plus Half Mug Quinoa 1 Mug Water Steamed is BEST for me! Have questions Ask Me on My "Contact Us" and I will go into detail for you!

               I am NOW a "Perfect Vegan  Health" Committed!
               Today Wednesday 10th May 2017

               You will Feel better than ever with few or
!              (No Sore Throats Colds Coughs Flu Headaches +++)

               Now I VISUALIZE traveling again with PERFECT Health & confidence !

                         NOW My Story on MY Journey
               to getting a "Nutri Bullet" Blender/Extractor!

I have NEVER in all my years EVER Owned or EVER Used a Blender and have NEVER EVER made a "Smoothie in MY Life! Believe it or Believe it not! It is ALL thanks to Kristina mentioning she made "Smoothies" that I thought That could be an ANSWER for ME and MY Nutritional Needs! I started in early November 2014 looking for a Blender on the Internet Asking friends about "Smoothies" and  Blenders and what to get? There are as you know so many choices it is thanks to Kristina Mentioning the "Nutri Bullet"! On 16th January 2015 I purchased MY "Nutri Bullet"!

I am really VERY EXCITED as it is an AMAZING Machine! It is QUICK Easy to CLEAN and the "Smoothies I am making are Delicious and YES "Yummie" and gives  me EXTRA Nutrition as well! I am so GRATEFUL to Kristina for mentioning it! You know I went "Fully Raw Vegan" as of 12th November 2014 and am NOW participating in Kristina's "21 Day Challenge" and LOVING it to BITS!!! NOW I am "Raw Foodie Perfect Health" Convert!  Today Wednesday 7th December 2016  Mine is a SENIOR Success Story! Want to know the BENEFITS I am getting  Ask Me on My "Contact Us" form

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                          Travelers Healthy Eating

This lady is HEALING herself as she travels!

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