Tourist Attractions in Namibia

Tourist Attractions in Namibia

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Namibia is a land that is quite arid so far as overall climate, but houses a vast array of incredible sights, sounds and scents. The wide range of things to see and to do in Namibia runs the gamut from nature loving, wildlife viewing, grandiose and breathtaking landscapes, all the way to swimming, surfing and shopping in the big city.
 Some of the most impressive sights that you'll find in Namibia include:


This is a ghost town that is found in the desert outside the town of Luderitz. It has a wide range of interesting things to see, not the least of which is the houses, casino and German architecture that is nearly knee deep with sand.

Twyfelfontein which is located in the northern part of Namibia boasts some outstanding concentrations of the ancient rock carvings that were found to be created by the original bushmen in the area. There are carvings that show elephants, rhinos, giraffes and ostriches, proving that while much has changed in this part of the world, apparently the animal life has not.

Windhoek is Capital & place to START your Safari Vacation


                    Tourist Attractions in Namibia

The wettest area in Namibia is also a place that you may want to visit.

It's found between Botswana and Angola and boasts an enormous array of animal life. Birds, mammals and reptiles exist here side by side and are protected in four different reserves. No fences are involved so the animals are free to roam at will for the people to view and photograph.

If the city life is your life, Swakopmund is the largest coastal town to grace Namibia and it is a very popular place for those who live in Namibia to go on vacation. The city is German in origin and it is rife with gorgeous old buildings and German architecture. It makes a huge contrast with the desert next door. The dunes that are nearby are great places to find the kind of action that vacationers want and include horseback riding, biking, sand boarding as well as surfing and sun bathing.

If the sand and the sun are your cup of tea, make sure that you visit cape Cross. Named for the cross that was placed there when the Portuguese began to explore early in the fifteeth century, the Cape is home to the largest colony of fur seals in the world. Cape Fur Seals rest here in literal herds with more than 150,000 of them gathering on the beaches at the same time during their breeding season.

Namibia offers a lot to see and do. Making it a point to take in Namibia and the major attractions is something that will give you a holiday that you'll remember for a lifetime.

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