To Fo Mozambique

To Fo Mozambique

Praia do Tofo or simply Tofo is a small town in southeastern Mozambique. The town lies on the Indian Ocean coast, on Ponto do Barra peninsula in Inhambane Province, Jangamo District, 22 km drive from Inhambane city. Wikipedia

To Fo Mozambique: The Ultimate Travel Destination

ToFo Mozambique is considered to be the ultimate travel destination among those that have a solid appreciation for natural beauty and wonder. This captivating town rests gently on the coast of the captivating Indian Ocean. As you explore this amazing region, you will discover a wide array of exotic beach villas, magnificent ocean reefs, and tropical driving retreats. Located on the Ponto do Barra Peninsula, which is located in the ever-popular Inhambane Province, ToFo Mozambique is just a short distance from the major tourist destination, Inhambane City. If you have a passion for swimming and love the thrill of diving, you are sure to enjoy all of the attractions and activities that ToFo Mozambique has to offer!

All throughout history, To Fo Mozambique has been deemed a “fishing village”. Today, it is not only a great place to fish and explore the sparkling waters of the sea, but, it is considered to be one of the most popular tourism locations in the entire world! Upon visiting the small region, you will find that its accommodations and activities are exceptionally large. While visiting the area, you may personally experience a historical and exceptionally unique shopping experience at the African Market. You may engage in an exotic, under-the-sea diving adventure. You may schedule a horse ride against a backdrop of tropical beauty. You may also visit the Tofinho settlement and observe the most majestic scenic views in the region.

To Fo Mozambique

                    To Fo Mozambique

Diving and Snorkeling

To Fo Mozambique and surrounds have some truly excellent diving, with nice reefs and excellent large marine life. Whale sharks and Humpback Whales in season, reef sharks and much more. Don't miss Manta Reef, home of three cleaning stations where the critters really throng. Most of the better dive sites are at around 25-30 m, requiring deep-dive certification (which you can get through one of the dive shops if you don't have it already). Visibility is usually pretty good at around 20 m. Brace yourself for the unique landing upon return from diving - the shops here all gun it and beach the inflatable speed boats at full speed.

To Fo Mozambique

  • Liquid Adventures, Bamboozi Beach Lodge Praia Do, ☎ +258 845 363636 (, [1]. Full PADI Dive and Watersports Centre with a pool on-site. Dive courses for beginners through to assistant instructor. 10th dive is free. Daily ocean safaris - snorkelling trips with whalesharks, dolphins and sometimes manta rays. Surfing and bodyboard rentals with lessons from a Mozambiquan surf champ. Island Kayak trips - day trip to Ila Do Inhambane. Dive and stay packages available at on-sight lodge, Bamboozi Beach Lodge. Pick ups/drop offs in town and at the airport.  edit

  • Diversity Scuba, ☎ +258 23 29002 (, [2]. 5 star IDC Centre, friendly and professional staff. Single dives start at R310, excluding equipment and get cheaper with more, 10th dive is free. Courses from begginer to instructor. A PADI open water course available. Prodessional videos are available. Discounts available for using your own equipment. Specialises in small groups and customer service, onsite pool, Equipment shop, video department, rooftop snack bar.  edit
  • To Fo Mozambique Scuba, ☎ +258 293 29030 (, [3]. Professional outfit based at Casa Barry Lodge. Single dives start at R370 and get cheaper as you do more. A 4-dive PADI open water course is R3100. Discounts available for using your own equipment. This is the busiest shop in Tofo and handles many divers per day.  edit
  • Peri-Peri Divers, Albatroz Lodge (overlooking Tofo Beach, walk from the market towards Casa Barry and beachfront signs will direct you), ☎ +258 82 550 5661, +258 29 356 038, [4]. A relaxed, very friendly and professional operation with over 15 years of local diving experience. Trips cater for all ages and experience levels, including whaleshark ocean safaris, beginner to advanced dives at over 20 sites, PADI training courses and dive packages in association with neighbouring Albatroz Lodge, stay and dive packages also with Fatimas Backpackers. A key sponsor of the Manta and whaleshark research centre in tofo. Scientists on the boats most trips. Trip videos as well as scuba video courses are available.  edit
  • Dive Tours to Tofo, [5]. Fly in from Johannesburg to Tofo on a "fly stay and dive package" with accommodation at Casa Barry Lodge.  edit
  • Surfing Tofinio is a good surf spot, and Tofo beach is good for beginners, you can hire boards at "the waterworks" right next to Diversity Scuba.
  • Snorkelling is a must... swimming with whale sharks, the largest fish in the world is incredibly special. Although their mouths are over a meter wide and their bodies 8 m long they are harmless. if you're lucky you may also get to swim with wild dolphins. Swimming with whales is prohibited, although when you realize how big they are you'll be happy to see them from the boat. Inquire with the dive shops about trips.

While exploring ToFo Mozambique, you will come to discover that it is one of the best regions in the world for observing unique oceanic wildlife – especially whale sharks and manta rays. If you have a passion for diving, you will be thrilled to find that you may actually engage in a diving trip that will allow you to swim along these mysterious and magnificent creatures. In addition to diving, ToFo Mozambique offers many other types of activities that are common to coastal towns. Examples of these activities include surfing, fishing, netting, and simple sunbathing underneath the majestic rays of the golden sun.

The glistening azure waters, the pure white sands, and the ability to explore the natural world makes ToFo Mozambique a legendary travel destination when it comes to the southern Africa region. The beach expands over the peninsula in an exquisite arc-shape. Nestled in the center of this mystifying arc is the Town of ToFo Mozambique. When visiting this town, you will find that it has a festive atmosphere, friendly people, and wonderful accommodations. If you are searching for a tropical atmosphere that will allow you to enjoy the wonders and beauty of nature while exploring historical locations, engaging in unique shopping experiences, and meeting some of the world’s friendliest people, you are absolutely certain to love ToFo Mozambique. While in the region, you will discover a multitude of luxurious accommodations, and adventures. Schedule a visit to ToFo Mozambique today and enjoy many memorable tomorrows!

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