Sutherland Northern Cape

Sutherland Northern Cape

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Stargazing and Other Points of Interest in Sutherland Sutherland is located in the Karoo of South Africa. This town is famous for its astronomical centre, which provides magnificent stargazing, and is just 14km away from the town.  In addition, this was first established back in 1858 and named after the Reverend Henry Sutherland, a revered Worcester cleric. It quickly became popular for its clear night skies since it is 1,450m above sea level on the Roggeveld Plateau. This town also has extremely cold winters. In fact, it is the coldest town in South Africa today.


The SAAO, or South African Astronomical Observatory, is located on top of a mountain.

The Southern African Large Telescope, or SALT, inside it provides some of the best stargazing in the world's southern hemisphere, as it is the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere. For further information or booking, call 023 5712 436 or visit You can enjoy guided tours Monday through Saturday at 10:30 and 14:30.


The observatory is not the only point of interest in Sutherland. An extinct volcano, Salperterkop, is just east of Sutherland. In fact, it has been extinct for approximately 66 million years. This is the southernmost volcano in all of South Africa. It also is said to be the last active volcano in the area. Salpeterkop is visible from the town.

Old Diamond Diggings Sutherland was the most southerly-located area in South Africa where diamonds were found. Today, you can still visit some of the old diamond digging sites in town.

                     Sutherland Northern Cape

The Louw Museum

Sutherland is the proud home of the Louw Museum. The museum is in the home of WEG Louw and NP van Wyk Louw. These brothers were both writers of the Afrikaans language. By reading their interesting works, you will gain an understanding of the quaintness of the citizens of Sutherland and the surrounding area. Other works of famous people are also on display in the museum.


Sutherland provides a pleasant hiking experience through its scenic mountainous landscape You can hike during the day or you can decide to spend the night in one of the mountain huts. The hiking trails will take you through rock formations, valleys, lookout points and more.


Accommodations are available in Sutherland to ensure a comfortable visit.One choice is listed below for your convenience: The Sutherland Hotel offers 23 luxury units, which offer a variety of setups depending on your needs. Its building is 100+ years old and contains enough accommodation space for about 60 people. Electric blankets and wall heaters are in each room. A restaurant and bar are on-site where you can enjoy traditional fare. Email the hotel at or call at 023 571 1096. Sutherland offers these stargazing and other points of interest that are worth the trip to enjoy. Plan your trip to this quaint town today to take part in all that it has to offer.

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