Sunset Serenade Kruger Park

Sunset Serenade Kruger Park

The Sunset Serenade series is a classical concert series that are held twice a year in Kruger Park at Leteba. These concerts are normally held in May and June and the funds that are raised are given to the Rangers Protection Project. CHECK in ADVANCE for Actual DATES!

These events are spread over a weekend and feature light classical music that are performed by industry professionals that are as passionate about a good cause as they are about the music. There is something enchanting about the time that is spent outdoors, listening to this music and knowing that you are close to the majestic animals of the park. Each location is selected because of the atmosphere it offers. This ensures that the music is beautifully impacted by the environment, while attendees will have a chance to get lost in an experience that will be unlike any other.

During the day, the orchestra will practice, as guests are invited to listen to them and to spend the day watching the local wildlife. During this time, attendees will have the chance to meet the individual artists and to learn more about them. As the afternoon grows late, the guests will be taken to their secluded destination that will host the concerts.

                    Sunset Serenade Kruger Park

Each concert will be broken down into two sections. The first takes place just before the sunset and the music will blend with the setting sun. The second takes place after the sun has set and add to the ambience of the area. Once the concert is over, the local rangers will take care to ensure that guests are safely returned to their transportation to leave the park. Foods and drink are available at the event. Rangers take time to ensure that those enjoying meals aren’t bothered with the wildlife, so that visitors can focus more on the music that they are enjoying and spend less time stressing over what is happening around them.

After all, the whole purpose of this experience is to spend time enjoying the classical music. After the concern has ended, a delicious meal is offered at Letaba. Here, you can dine with others who attended the concert and have a chance to discuss the music that you have just experienced.If you are looking for a magical experience that doesn’t happen often, but people remember for years to come, then you’ll want to experience  the Sunset Serenade that is available at Kruger Park.

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                            Sunset Serenade

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