Stellenbosch Western Cape

Stellenbosch Western Cape

When you're looking for something interesting and unique in South Africa, Stellenbosch is a one stop center for fun. From culture to education to wildlife viewing to a wide range of shopping opportunities, Stellenbosch is known to both traveler and resident alike. Stellenbosch is a town in the Western Cape of South Africa. Next to Cape Town it's the oldest settlement area by the Europeans.

The town became known in the beginning as Eikestad, or the City of Oaks because the founder of the town, Simon van der Stel planted hundreds to grace the streets and the farms in the area. Adjoining Cape Town, Stellenbosch is the home to a university as well as to a modern science park that is situated near the golf courses there.

Stellenbosch is nestled into a valley in the shadow of the Great Drakenstein and Stellenbosch Mountains and the town is sheltered to some extent by their presence. It's not at all uncommon to find Paleo drawings and biface there as well as some incredible Dutch and German architecture that is of great interest to the tourists. Even older Dutch cottages have survived for years and are considered showplaces to many of the tourists here.

                               Stellenbosch Western Cape

Stellenbosch in the hilly region that is known as the Cape Winelands

and there are some lovely vineyards here that house wine tastings with some even providing bed and breakfast facilities. The wines of the region are renowned for their mellow flavor and are exported to areas all over the world today.

Stellenbosch is known for its culture and history, as well as for having some of the most upscale schools and sports schools in the whole of South Africa. If it's shopping that you're looking for, the town is graced with both upscale stores as well as local markets and the local wines are sold here as well.

The area is home to some large department stores as well as local craftmen and women who sell their products in stalls and around the town. If you're looking for hotels or bed and breakfasts, you've got a fairly broad array of them from which to choose, including the very costly and very well appointed, as well as the very reasonable in cost and those that are moderately appointed and priced.

The climate in Stellenbosch is typically quite mild, with an annual  rain average of about 30C and a lengthy period of sunshine in the summer and autumn months, which are probably the best time for your visit to Stellenbosch and to South Africa in general.

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