Southern Africa Travel

Southern Africa Travel

With it's many choices for traveling! I love the freedom of being able to just get in your car and drive without restrictions. It is just an amazing part of the world where exploring is a new experience everyday!

Lolah and I always found where ever we went was a new experience!

The Seasons The entire region lies south of the equator, so the seasons are reversed. The dead of winter in Cape Town is July and August; January and February are high summer. Spring (October and November) is the best time to visit Cape Town.

Southern Africa Travel

Out in the bush, however, there are only two seasons, wet (October through March) and dry (April through September). The best time for game viewing is at the end of the dry season. Here's why. When it rains, southern Africa's bush springs to life. Vegetation thickens, water holes form; this allows game trange over a large area. That means there are fewer animals in any given place. With the onset of the dry season, the reverse happens. The bush increasingly thins out, so animals are easier to spot; also, food gets scarcer and water holes dry up. The last two factors cause animals to congregate at year-round temperatures, especially in Botswana and Zimbabwe, are in the 90s and 100s. Owing to the heat, the best overall month for game viewing is August.

The problem is that the best time for seeing wildlife is the worst time to be in Cape Town, and vice versa. Best compromise: Do the game lodges in late September and Cape Town in early October.

                   Southern Africa Travel

If its Rhino and Wart Hogs that interest you head for Umfolozi Game Reserve on Natal's North Coast and stay overnight! A great experience meeting the friendly Rhino!!! Then treat yourself to a Swaziland experience stay over night may be two at he Royal Swazi Spa, be pampered play golf and be treated like royalty in this the only Kingdom in Africa! I am here to be of your guide and offer you ideas to make your visit become your "African Dream"! if you would wish! Just ask! Stay tuned and see what interests you. It may be you would like a luxury Rail Safari with one of the most luxury trains in the world! May be a Special Fly-In Trip to the Skeleton Coast for a Wild Life Surprise! (See Namibia Tourism Page!)

Keep looking and please ask if you need guidance as I said I am this Site's Guide! I have been there, lived there and offer first hand local knowledge to help you visualize what you want!

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