South African National Parks

The South African National Parks – also referred to as “SANParks” – is the governing organization

that is directly responsible for managing and maintaining all of the national parks of the region. It was formed in the year of 1926. To date, it is responsible for a total of 2,222 parks that cover approximately 4% of the total South African region. Out of all of the parks that is managed and maintained by this organization, the most popular is Kruger National Park. In addition the most popular, this park is also the oldest. It came under direct proclamation in the year of 1898. This park and the Table Mountain National Park are considered to be the most visited South African attractions. In this brief guide, you will be introduced to these two popular parks. In addition

Click Links for "SANParks" and other Links below  Kruger National Park Kruger National Park is a South Africa National Park that spans over a space of 2 million hectares. In this vast amount of gorgeous scenery lies a highly diverse level of life forms, archaeological sites, and historical locations.

The park was officially established in the year of 1898 in hopes of protecting the wildlife in the South African Lowveld. According to statistics, approximately 2,000 plants, 53 different species of fish, 34 types of amphibians, and numerous other life forms abound within the national park. While visiting  is South African National Park, you may hike on wilderness trails, go for a ride to view the local animals, go on a guided Walking or Horseback Safari, engage in Mountain Biking, or go birding with a Birding Pal the Choice is Yours! Links below

                South Africa National Parks

The Table Mountain National Park was once known as “Cape Peninsula National Park”. Located in Cape Town, South Africa. The purpose and intent of this national park is to protect all aspects of the natural environment that is part of the Table Mountain area – especially the vegetation, such as the fynbos. This national park possesses two landmarks that are extremely popular – Famous Table Mountain  and the Cape of Good Hope. Included in this, is the Table Mountain "Cable Car" which carries visitors to the top of this magnificent mountain, The other choice is to have a GREAT Walk or Hike Experience! At Boulders Beach near Simonstown which a large Colony of African Penguins.


If you are planning to visit South Africa, you should ensure that you plan a trip Safari to one of the South Africa Parks where ever Western Cape Eastern Cape Kwazulu Natal Free State Northern Cape Vast Kruger Park Region In so doing you will get to see the largest amount of plant life and animal life in all of Africa! As stated, there are well over 2,000 different parks in the area that you may visit. The Kruger National Park and Table Mountain National Park are simply the two most popular!

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