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Some of the Best South African Directories

Looking for information about businesses and travel opportunities in South Africa? If so, an online directory will come in handy. These portals usually feature a diversified range of information, helping you choose the opportunities that are best suited to your needs. The only thing to keep in mind when doing research is that South African directories aren’t created equal.

A quality South Africa directory features multiple entries and detailed information. Here are a few of the best projects in the category.

SA Yellow
One of the oldest business directories, SA Yellow features numerous entries that are properly categorized for your convenience. You can do a smart search based on keywords or a business name search. If such information is available, you’ll gain access to a company’s website, their email and other contact details. Information about the company’s location is also available for added convenience.

South Africa Travel Directory features travel guides, useful information and a directory of businesses that offer services in the hospitality industry. The listings can be filtered by the type of service you’re looking for (accommodation, attractions, conference venues, restaurants, shopping, etc.), by region and by accreditation. Star ratings are available to give you a better idea about the experiences of other travelers.

                      South African Directories

White Pages South Africa
The directory gives you a lot of information about governmental and regional institutions, medical and educational services. The results are categorized by popular searches, popular service providers within the respective field and location.

On top of that, the directory features useful information every traveler and visitor may need. This information includes emergency numbers, disaster management information and dialing codes. South Africa Web Directory
SA Web is a free service that features an extensive database of service suppliers.

The entries are categorized by industry for added convenience. You can find health service providers, travel companies, shopping opportunities, entertainment venues, food and dining and many others. Individual entries are provided in standard directory format – a brief description and contact information are usually available.

There’s also a rating feature but users of the directory haven’t been particularly active when it comes to assessing the quality of different services. These are just a few good "Directories" you can use to get started with your search. Needless to say, you’ll find many other sources of online information that are more specialized within an industry.

A basic Google search will give you a better idea about the platforms that offer free of charge categorization of South African businesses.

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