South Africa Facts

South Africa Facts

South Africa, the southernmost nation in Africa is the largest and the most well developed economy in the continent. The economy, boosted by gold and diamonds transformed the country. Developed by Boers, tribesmen and British people, the country became an industrial giant in a very short time. South Africa today is high tech, providing mining equipment as well as gold and diamonds that are exported to the rest of the world.

South African has World Famous Wine Estates mainly Western Cape which, along with the nearby cities makes more than 9 percent of all of the economy in South Africa. Apartheid controlled Africa until 1991 In 1994 Nwlson Mandela was Elected President By the middle of 1991 apartheid was revoked and the first multiracial government began in 1994. Just a few facts about South Africa that may interest you are these: South Africa boasts more park lands than most other continents and has animals found no where else on earth. Asian or Far Eastern companies are trying to Poach Rhinos Many Arrests have been made The Kruger Park Rangers are doing a great job REVERSING things! Also "Black Mambas" are suceeding!

One Group ALL Black Women called "Black Mambas" having AMAZING Success NO losses! Blood diamonds were once one of the major parts of the economy. Now ethical diamond trading is boosting the revenue of South Africa.

                               South Africa Facts

South Africa has more official languages than any country on earth Apartheid controlled Africa until 1991, segregation that isolated black Africans. Reform began in 1989 and Nelson Mandela, jailed black nationalist was released in 1991. By the middle of 1991 apartheid was revoked and the first multiracial government with Nelson Mandela as President began in 1994. South Africa has 11 Official official languages, There are about 50 million people in South Africa.

South Africa is a favorite Safari destination with it's abundance of giraffes, Hippos, leopards,lions, and animals not found anywhere else on earth in the wild. South Africa is a member  of the United Nations. Unemployment in south Africa is high and is being reduced!. South Africa was home to the first heart transplant in the world in 1967.

South Africa is home to some of the oldest cave paintings in the world, which date back more than 75000 years. Africa is known as the cradle of humanity and South Africa is the seat of that. There are are three capital cities in South Africa, including Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Pretoria

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