Saldanha Bay West Cape Coast

Welcome to the Beautiful Saldanha Bay West Cape Coast

Hidden between the West Coast National Park in the south and the Berg River mouth in the north, Saldanha Bay is a wonderful and peaceful place to visit during your stay in South Africa. The beautiful fishing villages alternate with popular resorts to create the unique appeal and  the scenic beauty and the chance to see whales during their migration bring many people from all parts of the world to the region.

Saldanha Bay West Cape Coast

It is the deepest and the largest natural South African bay. The harbor town of Saldanha is one of its central points. The location turns the town in a popular attraction for water sports enthusiasts. Seafood manufacturing, the harbor and tourism determine the profile of the local economy.

The harbor town is also the home of the South African Military Academy and a naval training base. Saldanha saw the arrival of the first European settlers approximately 500 years ago. Fossilized evidence, however, suggests that the region has been inhabited for the past 117,000 years! The West Coast Fossil Park has some interesting exhibits that tell the story of the region.

Tourist Attractions and Activities

It  has a lot to offer to visitors. The whale watching experience isjust one of the unique and exciting possibilities.

                             Saldanha Bay West Cape Coast

West Coast Fossil Park is located at the fossil site of Langebaanweg, approximately 150 kilometers away from Cape Town and 70 kilometers away from Saldanha. It has some exceptional fossilized fauna examples dating back to 5.2 million years ago. When it comes to adventures and water sports, the region is famous for possibilities like body surfing, sailing, canoeing and board surfing. Bird watching and hiking opportunities are also available for the ones that would like to learn more about the region’s beautiful nature.

Travel Tips and Planning a Visit Saldanha is located approximately 140 kilometers away from Cape Town. You can rent a car and drive to the beautiful bay for a day of nature exploration and beach fun. The nearest international airport is in Cape Town, as well.

There’s no need to worry about the best time of the year for a Saldanha visit. The place offers excellent conditions and enjoyable weather year-round. It has many accommodation options to offer, ranging from budget hotels to more luxurious resorts. Booking in advance is essential so that you have peace of mind.

When it comes to eating out, you once again have many exciting options. You’re in the heart of a productive seafood region. Enjoy some of the local fish restaurants and the delicious, fresh ingredients these utilize.

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