Safaris in Botswana

Safaris in Botswana

The sights, sounds and scents of Africa draw many thousands of people each year to come

and explore the many wonders of Africa. Many will visit Kenya, South Africa and other areas, but most haven't explored the wonders of Botswana and in fact may not have heard of this small but very diverse part of Africa. Tourism is rampant to the area, but to the United States and other areas, Botswana is still well kept secret and many people are not aware of what the area has to offer them. The wonders of Botswana are many, with a very diverse climate and layout to the land that are rare in other parts of the world. Botswana is home to magnificent scenery, amazing and unique wildlife and interesting arts and cultures, mall of which make it well worth exploring more closely.

                           Safaris in Botswana

Located in the central part of Africa,

Botswana is about 1000 feet above sea level and is more than 500 miles from the nearest coastline. The country is quite flat and dry, and is technically termed a desert although there are some as which do achieve a higher rainfall annually. These areas form swamps and wetlands that are home to unique species not found anywhere else on earth.

Eastern areas in Botswana have a higher rainfall and are much greener but this is a good part of what makes Botswana safari's so unique and interesting. Nestled inside of the desert is a swampland and wetland area. The wildlife and the tourism to the area are about the largest industry, employing nearly half of the people in the area. The industry thrives and this is what makes Botswana safari's so amazing and so enjoyable.

In Botswana safaris a few of the things that you might look forward to seeing include the big and small wildife from a walking safari or a land rover safari. The animals that you might come across include more than 500 different species of birds as well as 75 larger land mammals. The Kalahari grasslands will offer you a wide and diverse array of amazing wildlife specimens including giraffe, lions, hippopotamus, zebra and many thousands of elephants who make their home in Botswana. The scenery is nothing short of breathtaking and the lifestyle is laid back and interesting. Make it a point this year to consider Botswana safaris as part of your annual getaway. m A Botswana safari is truly the vacation of a lifetime.

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