Royal Natal National Park

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Royal Natal National Parks

Is in the northern section of the Drakensburg, in the green bowl of the famous Amphitheatre and with spectacular views of the tumbling Tugela Falls.
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by clicking this link! Drakensberg School Boys Choir South Africa Nestled among yellowwood forests and Protea savannah where, after a fierce summer thunderstorm, the rumble of the Thukela River can be heard below, guests are privy to some of the most awe-inspiring mountain landscapes and hiking to be experienced in this area of flawless natural beauty.

                     Royal Natal National Park

Royal Natal National Park

Offer you a wonderful opportunity to breathe the most pure air into your lungs and hike or walk from sunrise to sunset in the beautiful mountain area of Drakensberg Kwazulu Natal.  If this appeals to you, then you have found a place where you can feel even after a short twenty four to forty eight hours a rejuvenated person. Your mind and body will thank you! So visualize a NEW you TODAY!  I have attached links that give you a complete list of the differentactivities like hiking trails,walks,horse back riding,Fly Fishing, visiting the second highest waterfalls in the world "The Tugela Falls" and seeing the stunning Ampitheatre! One other thing the Drakensberg is world famous for is the Drakensberg Boys Choir. It is situated near the small town of Winterton in the heart of the Drakensberg mountain range. It has a six hundred seat Auditorium and they hold weekly concerts. They have toured extensively and is the only Choir School in Africa! Attend one of these concerts if you are able to fit it in. These children have an education second to none! They are taught Leadership, Academics,Sport and Social Enrichment! I have attached two videos (Click Link Below) I have also attached a Wikipedia School History Link(Click Link Below) You have many choices of Bed and Breakfast, Self-Catering to satisfy your needs! Please contact me if you need help at my "Contact Us" form.

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