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Enjoy Riebeek Kasteel Western Cape in South Africa South Africa isn’t all about big game, and the Riebeek Valley region proves it. This region is located northeast of Cape Town and includes not only the town of Riebeek Kasteel, but nearby towns Riebeek West, Hermon and Riebeeksrivier. The entire region is perfect for relaxing in some of the most picturesque natural landscapes of South Africa, but the town of Riebeek Kasteel is particularly picturesque.

This pleasant town sits at the foot of a mountain and is surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. Some of the best South African wines are produced in this town, and there are a couple popular wine farms that attract visitors every year. Not only can you enjoy wine tastings, but you can enjoy a high-class meal and tour the facilities and fields to fully immerse yourself in wine for an afternoon, or an entire weekend. While Riebeek Kasteel Western Cape is a small town and locals enjoy a slow-paced country lifestyle, there is a lot for visitors to enjoy beyond wine. This is the part of your South African vacation where you get to relax and kick your feet up without feeling guilty.

                              Riebeek Kasteel Western Cape

Local Outlets, Boutiques & Art Galleries

You can’t visit this region of South Africa without stepping into an Olive Outlet and learning about the many different types of olives produced in the region. Not only will you walk out with some of the best olives and olive oils you have ever used, but you will educate yourself. For instance, what’s the difference between virgin and extra virgin olive oil, and which is really best for your health? Ask the experts when you visit an olive outlet in Riebeek Kasteel Wesyern Cape There are also some great boutiques and shops which sell a variety of fresh goods produced by locals. Main Street is the place to go for a fun afternoon of shopping. You will see a large barn-like building with bright red stripes housing a store called Atisa. From bread and homemade jam to toffee, you will find a bit of everything in this store. Other stores and boutiques are located within the same are of town, including delicious chocolate shops and art galleries featuring work of local artists.

Hiking & Biking

Biking is a popular activity throughout the Riebeek Valley Region, and you can enjoy bike routes through the countryside if you ask for route information at your hotel or inn. You can also head out to Kasteelberg Nature Reserve for a hike, but note that the routes aren’t marked within There are also many other places to get outdoors in the fresh South African air. One example is the Pieter Cruythoff Route which begins from Bothmanskloof Pass. You can park on the pass and enjoy a memorial before heading down marked trails to see just how beautiful South Africa is at its absolute best. Before leaving Riebeek Kasteel, make sure to stock up on fresh wine, jams,olive oil and bread. This is a great place to pick up high-quality and unique gifts for your loved ones.

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