Quick Reference Botswana

                                             Quick Reference Botswana

You will have here an easy way to quickly find what you are looking for or wish to re-visit!  have compiled this list so you can easily find pages you want or go back to! Botswana has a hot, wet summer (between October and April), and a cooler, dry winter (from May to the end of September). Winter is traditionally high season in terms of price and visitor numbers, while summer is the quieter off-peak (or “green") season. It's not quite as simple as this, but as a guideline, visit the Okavango between May and November and the Kalahari between January and March if your primary objective is to see wildlife. If you want help and guidance with your planning I highly recommend consulting Joy of African Wildlife Safari Tours and or Nicola or one of her team of African Explorations!

                         Quick Reference Botswana

Please always use my "Contact Us" form for extra help! I want to make sure that you can use this site as an easy reference and reminder of the safari you are planning!

You will find that "Botswana Tourism" Link is a good place to start looking and get an overall picture of "Where to go" "What to do" "Where to Stay" all about Flora and Fauna - Visitor Information - Events and more! Adventure Safaris have and interesting article on Maun! (See Link Below) The links you find will keep you informed and give stacks of ideas and knowledge! Hunting Safaris gives an A to Z on all aspects. Experience, trust, and reliability! Botswana Kalahari gives a wonderful picture of the Kalahari and personally guided safaris with Joy! Do take a look at Nicola Sheppard's website! Click Link BELOW. You will see who she/they are and her team of "Wildlife Experts" have to offer! Just remember to ASK me if you have any questions you need answers to ". Use "Contact Us" form for QUICK response!

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