Paarl Western Cape

Paarl Western Cape

Paarl is the third oldest city in Southern Africa and is home to more than 191,000 residents. This is an area that has majestic mountain ranges and world famous vineyards that produce some of the best wine in the country. If you are looking for the perfect escape in Africa, then you do need to consider this locale. Here, you will find the Paarl Mountain Natural Reserve that offers plenty of vegetation and natural wonder. It will be here you can experience wild olives, candlewoods and even wagon trees. That makes this destination perfect for those who are looking for the natural beauty of South Africa. Wildlife is also a big part of the area and there are popular destinations in the area. Paarl Arboretum hosts 750 species of trees that can be both fascinating and educational. When paired with the Paarl Bird sanctuary that boasts 140 species of birds, visitors will have a chance to truly connect with nature in this beautiful area.

Offering a Mediterranean climate, the area is fairly comfortable with temperatures from 16.4°C in the coldest month of July to 28.2°C in February which is the is the hottest month. June sees the greatest amount of rainfall in the year offering 121mm in that month alone. While the temperatures and moisture are varied, they also produce the best conditions possible for growing grapes for wine.

                            Paarl Western Cape

The Paarl is home of some of the top producers of wine in southern Africa. Of the vineyards the best known are the Fairview, Glen Carlou, Nederburg, Plaisir de Merle, and Veenwouden. While the region was predominately white wine for a long time, the climate is perhaps best for reds and more vineyards are focusing on producing these wines. While visiting Paarl, many patrons will take advantage of the vineyard tours in the area. These tours will give you a chance to see the vineyards up close and to experience the wines that they offer. This can be a great way to discover some of the local wine styles and determine if one of these wines is something that you may want to purchase and share with your loved ones back home.

In South Africa, there really is nowhere else like Paarl Western Cape.This is a majestically beautiful place that offers great vineyards of wineand plenty of activities to keep you and your guests entertained as you experience all that Africa has to offer.

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