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The Overberg region is along the southern coast of the Western Cape province in South Africa. This region is just a short distance southeast of Cape Town and it is accessible from the N2 highway. Overberg offers a variety of pleasures for visitors, from sandy beaches to rugged mountain ranges, as well as farmlands, fynbos and birdlife. On top of these scenic pleasures, the various cities within the region offer their own unique features for visitors to enjoy. Here's a look at some of our favorite points of interest in this region.


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Barrydale is full of friendly people who welcome all visitors. This village is a treasure trove of fruits such as apples, quinces, and grapes on top of the vineyards with their quality wines and brandies. Citizens here also raise cattle and sheep. Visitors will enjoy countryside charm at its best when they venture into Barrydale. Accommodations include Barrydale Karoo Private Hotelwith phone number +27 (0)825531276 for further information. Camping also is available at the Municipal Caravan Park in this city. Call +27 (0)28-57212215 for rates. These are just two of the options for visitors spending a night or more in the city.

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Bredasdorp Shipwreck Museum Bredasdorp is near a dangerous area of the southernmost coast of Africa that is famous for shipwrecks. In the waters off this area, approximately 250 ships wrecked over the year In addition, about 2,500 lives were lost during this same period of time. Little surprise that this town would have the Shipwreck Museum, which dedicates most of its space to maritime displays about the various shipwrecks and their stories. The Cape Agulhas Lighthouse is part of this museum and is only a 40km trek from the museum's building. Contact the museum for further information at 028 424 1240.

Betty's Bay Stony Point Penguins Colony

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In the small holiday town of Betty's Bay, visitors can enjoy the Stony Point Penguins Colony on the Overberg coast. The colony includes about 150 nesting pairs of African penguins. In 1982, 1 pair of breeding penguins wandered into the area probably from Dryer Island. This was the birth of the colony and it grew from 1 nest to 40 nests by 1986 with the breeding grounds becoming popular. However, later on during the 1980s an attack on the colony by a leopard killed numerous penguins. The penguins now live in a fenced-area for their protection. This has allowed them to increase to the 150 breeding pairs of today. Visitors can walk on boardwalks to watch the actions of these interesting birds. Plan a trip to Overberg today to see its wonder and beauty with your own eyes. The above points of interests are just 3 of the fascinating venues for visitors to enjoy in the southern part of Africa. Many more wonders await your visit.

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Overberg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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