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Namibia Wildlife – The Desert Elephant and Other Impressive Creatures

Although relatively widespread throughout arid areas of Africa, the Desert Elephant the African Bush Elephant in technical terms, they are unique in that they manage to survive in the Namib desert. Further north, they can also be found in the Sahara. Namibia Wildlife If you’re in southern Africa then Namibia will be the only place that you can see these majestic creatures in their seemingly inhospitable habitat,  and if you’re interested in a wildlife adventure, these aren’t the only unique creatures that you will see. The Desert Elephant Up Close Take a guided safari through a Namibian National Park and you’ll be able to see the Desert Elephants up close. While the large African Elephant is impressive in any habitat, seeing them in the desert evokes a much greater sense of respect and awe for these creatures.

The species is the largest land mammal in the world, and males can weigh over 10 tonnes. At the shoulder they reach almost four meters in height, making for a majestic stature that is truly breath taking when seen up close. The Elephants aren’t the only big mammals that you can see in Namibia, and the Black Rhino is almost as impressive. Conservation efforts that are underway to try and save these large, armoured animals. Large males can weigh up to 1400 kilograms, and if you’re lucky enough to see one, it will be a memory that you won’t ever forget. Damaraland is the only region left where both of these animals can be seen in the same habitat.

                           Namibia Wildlife

Other Interesting Examples of Namibian Wildlife Although the large mammals attract the most attention, there are countless other varieties that are just as interesting, rare, and beautiful. Take the Cheetah as an example. Cheetahs can be found in places like Etosha National Park, Okonjima, and the Kunene Region. These animals typically hunt gazelle and similar mammals, and they’re fairly unique in that they like to hunt in daylight. Perhaps it’s their sprinting speed of up to 112 km/h that makes them so bold. Crocodiles are also widely dispersed throughout Namibia.

Frighteningly powerful, these creatures deserve our respect. After all, the Nile Crocodile species has been on earth for over 20 million years, and their close ancestors lived before and during the time of the Dinosaurs. If you witness crocodiles on a safari, particularly while they’re feeding, you’ll be given a powerful reminder of just how powerful and fierce nature can be. A Chance Meeting with a Pangolin Although widely dispersed, few wildlife adventurers will ever see a Pangolin in the wild, but it’s still worth learning about them, just in case. Pangolins are nocturnal, scaled creatures that are similar to anteaters. The overlapping scale armour of a pangolin is a perfect evolutionary design, and they can curl into an almost impenetrable ball when threatened by predators. These creatures are so elusive and secretive that even scientists have had trouble studying them, so if you are lucky enough to see one in the wild, you’ll be amongst just a small fraction of the population that has ever done so. Beautiful Nature and Wildlife in Namibia

There are plenty of other birds, mammals, and reptiles to see in Namibia, so take your time to enjoy the scenery, the wildlife, and talk to your tour guide about ongoing conservation efforts, and what you might be able to do to help.

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