Namibia Travel Guide

                                            Namibia Travel Guide

This guide will enhance a number of Links about touring in Namibia

and give some wonderful ideas to help you plan in this land. Getting hooked up with a personal guide who can contribute in a very big way for a first time visitor who really has no idea where to start. If you would like a Guide to make a PERFECT Safari for you and would like me to recommend one then please ask here on my "Contact Us" form.


If you like beautiful poetry then click on to Amelia's video below and enjoy her Kalahari poetry, very beautiful. It really gets you in the mood! Holidays in Namibia link gives you some excellent choices from Volunteer Work with Desert Elephants to the very exciting undeveloped Damaraland safari with spectacular scenery. A nine day Flying Safari Click on to see what they offer you. Namibia Tourism Link has some very informative videos in German and English

There is a beautifully presented video by Saba Douglas-Hamilton of the Skeleton coast and the seal colonies! Google Translation is available on every page of this site for ALL languages! Please contact me for any help or suggestions you may need with your planning at "Contact Us".

                                Namibia Travel Guide

                     Namibia Tourism Blog

Namibia Tourism Blog

What you need to know

Getting there: Air Namibia, South African Airways and BA Comair offer several flights a day between Johannesburg and Windhoek, with a flight time of two hours. Health: Namibia is a non-malarial area. Seasons: April to October is Namibia’s dry season, while the main rainy season span from January to March. Game viewing during the rainy season is more difficult as the vegetation thickens and water is still readily available which means wildlife are not forced to congregate around seasonal waterholes. Visitors for whom wildlife viewing is not important will enjoy visiting Namibia at any time of year, although self drive is difficult during the rainy season due to the condition of the gravel roads. Currency: Namibian dollar although South African rands are readily accepted. Visa: American citizens are not required to obtain a visa to enter Namibia for tourism purposes provided their stay is under 90 days Language: English, Afrikaans and German Driving: Distances in Namibia are vast. With the road network being predominantly gravel, it is advisable to hire a four-wheel drive vehicle with good insurance cover as the terrain can be quite difficult. Recommend self drive travelers carry plenty of water, spare gas and be prepared to drive hours without seeing any sign of civilization. 

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