Namibia Swakopmund Rail Safari

Namibia Swakopmund Rail Safari Imagine waking to the sound of the lions calling and the smells of the fog lifting and fresh coffee brewing Africa can give you this and so much more.A visit to Africa is the stuff that dreams are made of. The animals are seen in the wild only here, of all of the places on earth. Lions, Giraffes, the small but hardy African wild dog. The trees, the sights, sounds and smells that are Africa are something that everyone should experience once in their lifetime.

One kind of trip can be the most rewarding, the most impressive in that it gives you a taste of many different parts of Africa and allows you to see many different areas in just a few days. The Namibia safari train trip, Rovos Rail from Pretoria to Swakopmund Safari is a nine day trip that covers more than 400 kilometres. The trip runs from the savannah to the Atlantic in the west. Highveld to the Atlantic is a trip that is well worth seeing for anyone.

                          Namibia Swakopmund Rail Safari

Namibia Swakopmund Rail Safari and Rovos Info Link Scroll Down You will leave from Pretoria and make a stop in Kimberley. Kimberley is the site of the most famous diamond rush that ever took place. You'll see the mining museum and the village in an old world atmosphere. There is opportunity a  plenty to take in the old time style and check out the way the world lived back then.

The train will then cross the northern Cape and take you to Fish River Canyon that is second in depth and in size in the world, bested only by the Grand Canyon of the United States. The untamed and fresh beauty of the entire area is displayed for you on all sides as your train journey takes you into the heart of the Kalahari Desert and then onward to the capital of Namibia. The city of Windhoek is very lively and very modern, with a strong flavor of old world Germany.

From there you'll travel to the Namib Desert, stay overnight there and then spend a night in the lovely and mysterious Etosha National Park. Rich in game of all types, you'll quite likely spend a day marveling at the many different animals that you've seen until on the last day, the train will take you to a small but perfectly preserved town of German origin called Swakopmund, what the locals and tourist alike call an unforgettable place to visit.

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