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Namibia Swakopmund – Top Coastal Destination for Vacationers

Pristine beaches, coastal streets lined with exotic palm trees, quiet seaside pathways and boardwalks, luxury accommodation options, and an ideal coastal climate  during the summer months are just a few of the advantages of visiting Swakopmund, a top coastal destination for vacationers.  For vacationers that have an appreciation for the great outdoors, there are many exciting activities that may be pursued.

These include – but, are not at all limited to – parachuting, fishing for various varieties of fish – such as shark - , and sandboarding. For those that have a general interest in the sights, history, and native species of the Namib Desert, popular destinations include the museums, the famous art galleries, as well as the local aquarium.

When visiting Swakopmund, you will have access to a variety of fine restaurants, exquisite coffee shops, and a wide array of hotels and vacation housing. mFounded in the year of 1892, Swakopmund has been named and identified as the main harbor for the Germans in the South West region of Africa. As a matter of fact, many in the area continue to speak German.  As the Capital of the administrative district known as “Erongo”, Swakopmund has well over 40,000 residents and expands over a section of land that is 75 square miles. Most consider the region to be sort for beach goers and enthusiasts.

Today, individuals that have an interest in visiting a coastal vacation destination will be pleased at the types of water-based activities that may be pursued in Swakopmund, as well as the vast selection of seafood restaurants and destinations pertaining to the water life in and around the region, such as the National Marine Aquarium.

                           Namibia Swakopmund

Swakopmund is situated within the Namib Desert.

This desert lines three sides of the area and the remaining side is lined by the immense and beautiful Atlantic Ocean. As a result of its placement, the area has what many refer to as a “mild desert climate”. On average, the temperatures go as low as 59°F, and as high as 77°F. mMost days of the year are quite sunny, and there is very little rain experienced in the region; however, it is quite common to observe a dense, beautiful layer of fog that lines the coast, topples the incoming waves, and wisps in and around the German-inspired structures of the region. This fog is created by the Benguela current, which is quite cold. This fog is a necessary element to the fauna and the exotic flora that exists in the Namib Desert, as it supplies a high level of moisture on a regular basis.

Namibia Swakopmund is a vacation destination that showcases a European-styled architecture that is colonial in nature. This unique style originates from the Germans that inhabited and continue to inhabit the area. When entering into the region, you will find that the architecture stands out vibrantly against the beautiful coastline and the breath-taking desert. If you are searching for a unique and memorable vacation destination, you are sure to enjoy the thrills, spills, salt, and sand of Swakopmund Namibia.

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