Namibia Lodges

Namibia Lodges

A visit to Namibia will be one that is breathtaking and peaceful.

This is an area where you can find giant sand dunes, but also bleached whale bones and shipwrecks in the sand. Visiting this area allows you to experience a part of the world that is unlike any other and has one of the smallest populations in Africa despite being the fourth largest country in terms of size. This area features quite a bit of land that is untouched and it remains protected.

When planning tourism adventures and the Namibia lodging, the residents have taken an approach that protects the environment. Their goal is to ensure that they disturb nature as little as possible, while giving visitors an experience unlike any other. Some of the top rated Namibia lodges that can be found include the following:

                               Namibia Lodges

Some of the top rated lodges that can be found include the following:

While visiting the lodges, you’ll want to plan to see some of the breathtaking landscape that can be found here.

One of the options you’ll have is seeing the second largest desert in the world, the Namib Desert. Running along the Atlantic coast, this area is an impressive 1,200 miles. It is also home to the 90,000 acre Kulala Wilderness Reserve. While visiting this area, you do have the option to visit the park and stay in one of the lodges that are found here, including one of the quaint villas.

If you prefer somewhere a little greener, lodges can also be found is Kakoland. This is the land of the Himba people and they are a friendly group of people who offer exploration of the local foliage and even a trip on the Kunene River. When you are selecting a lodge in Namibia make sure that you fully understand what the property type is like and what is being offered to you.

Some locations offer meals that are included, but there may be restrictions on what is served and how they are served. While some will allow you to eat at your own pace, others will require you are there are specific times of the day if you want to eat.

Others may include safari expeditions and other features. Namibia is one of the best destinations you’ll find in Africa. From the breathtaking landscape to the warm hospitality of the lodges, this is one part of the world that will make for a once in a lifetime vacation.

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