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Namibia is a mix of fascinating scenery, rock art, vibrant cities and wildlife. The country is a treasure trove for tourists to explore. Much of the wildlife live on the various Namibia game reserves and national parks the government owns. If you are planning a trip to Namibia, check out the list below to learn additional information on these reserves and national parks. 1. Etosha National Park –

Etosha National Park - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This is one of the largest of the parks on the continent let alone for the country of Namibia. It covers approximately 23,000km² of land. There are 114 mammal species living in Etosha National Park. This includes such endangered, rare species as the black-faced impala and black rhino. The largest elephants in Africa are believed to live at this park, as they are up to 4m in height at the shoulder. Around 300 species of birds inhabit the park. In addition, leopards, cheetahs, plains and mountain zebras, blue wildebeest and other large game animals make this park home. An assortment of accommodations is available for guests. 2. Caprivi Game Park Caprivi Game Park - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This game park is located between Angola and Botswana.

It is approximately 180km of land next to the Okavango River and stops at the Kwando River. A vehicle with 4-wheel drive is imperative for traveling through this park due to its sandy terrain. The park does not offer overnight facilities. This park is a sanctuary to the kudu, roan, elephant and other game species.

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3. Khaudum National Park

Khaudom National Park - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Khaudum is located the northeastern area of the Kavango Region. This park’s tourist infrastructure is not substantial.

This is one reason the park is not visited as much as some of the other reserves and parks are in Namibia are visited. However, this area is the country’s forgotten wilderness. nOne can enjoy the elephants, African wild dogs, and other species throughout the park. Thick Kalahari forests and rough 4x4 trails also are enjoyable offerings from this park. 4. Daan Viljoen Game Park

Daan Viljoen Game Reserve - Wikipedia, the free ... This small park is located not far from Windhoek in an area filled with rolling hills. It contains a healthy population of game including birds. Birdwatchers will delight at the various species they can view. Visitors can drive through the park on the tarred access road with the circular drive ideal for viewing game. However, the best way to view the wildlife up close is through the walking trials. There are no predators in this park. Facilities at this park include a swimming pool, kiosk, and restaurant, along with picnic areas by the dam. This list just a sampling of Namibia game reserves and national parks. The country has a lot to offer anyone who has an interest in wildlife. Plan your trip to Namibia today!

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