Maseru Lesotho


Maseru Lesotho

It is perhaps one of the most breathtaking places you will visit in Southern Africa. It is also an area that is full of incredible things that you can do when you are touring the area. If you are looking for a one of a kind experience, you will find a world of possibilities here.

Horseback riding through the mountains is a popular choice for those in the area. Both the Mohales Hoek and the Moyeni are common destinations in the area for this. A pony trek is available for those who want to head through some of the local wilderness. While exploring the natural wonders in the outdoors, the Maletsunyane Waterfalls can give you a chance to see the highest waterfalls in the area. In fact, these falls are three times higher than those found at Niagara Falls. After experiencing the falls from the 200 meter height, the pool beneath is open for swimming to visitors.

                           Maseru Lesotho

During the colder winter months, there is the ability to ski at the AfriSki resort. While the amount of snowfall isn’t comparable to other areas in the world, this destination is popular because it does give visitors and residents a place where they can ski, during the snowy months. Of course, if this is in your plans, it is important to check the local weather conditions to ensure that enough snow for skiing is present. History buffs will find plenty to do in this area also.

There are the Bushmen rock paintings in the area that offer some insight into the peopleof the past. Moyeni in turn is the home of some ancient dinosaur footprints that have been protected and untouched for years. Your tour in the area can then finish up with Maseru which is Lesotho’s capital city where you can see the ancient architecture of the city and visit the historic cemetery. Wildlife in  Lesotho is also incredible. It is estimated that there are nearly 279 birds that are found in this area of Southern Africa and a majority of them can be found on Mountain Road that takes visitors the center of the country.

There is truly nowhere else as fascinating as Maseru. If you are planning a trip to visit Southern Africa, this is a destination that you should consider. With incredible landscapes and plenty of destinations to suit the interests of your entire family, this will be a location that everyone will enjoy.

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