Map of Botswana

Map of Botswana!

You will find a number of maps that will give you an overall picture of Botswana and it's make up! Safaris ideas to help you decide the best choices for you! All these maps are the best available with well researched data!

I have attached links that will help you with "getting to know" the area, distances, climates rivers, waterways, roads, railways, airports and more! I particularly like The Zambezi Safari and Travel link This has an interactive map to explore. It gives most helpful data on the following well known Game Reserves and areas! The Chobe and Linyanti

The Okanango Delta


The Kalahari is one such area. It covers over seventy percent of Botswana and is one of the most extensive matters of sand that extends south into South Africa and West into Namibia! Safari recomedations Walking Safaris Mobile Safaris and more!

The Botswana National Atlas. You will see it is an encyclopaedia of information that will improve your knowledge of Botswana. It is the first ever National Atlas of Botswana! It includes Department of Wildlife and National Parks, Tourism, The Okavongo Delta, Population, Health Services and more!It has information on mining and minerals energy and Water Resources It is available for purchase from the Department of Surveys and Mapping

Link for Google maps are always worth a look! See also link for National Geographic Map You can be assured that both the above Google and National Geographic are of their usual high quality standard! Please give your questions and messages on my "Contact Us" form. You will get a quick reply!

                                 Map of Botswana

Botswana is a landlocked country in Central Southern Africa.

Its borders include South Africa to its south, Namibia to its west, Zambia to its north, and Zimbabwe to the northeast. Botswana is characterized by a land area that's generally flat - with the Kalahari Desert making up 70% of the country's total land area. About 10% of the country's population reside in the capital of Gaborone - which is found in the eastern portion of the country.

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