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Luderitz Namibia an interesting port town in Namibia, that is nestled between the scenic South Atlantic coast and the desolate Namib desert. World Water Speed CHALLENGE Watch Video below This location is worth seeing without the additional benefit Luderitz has to offer its visitors. Explore a bygone era and admire the Art Nouveau architecture of this distinctive German city.

Luderitz Museum

One point of interest in this town is the Luderitz Museum. This museum is one of the privately owned ones in Namibia. You will discover a collection of artifacts pertaining to the local wildlife and history of the city. This collection is heavily centered on the German history associated with this town. For further information, contact the Museums Association of Namibia at

Goerke Haus

Goerke Haus is an elaborate mansion on Diamond Hill. Otto Ertl designed the mansion, which was built in 1910 on Diamond Hill as the residence of Lieutenant Hans Goerke. The property went through renovations to improve its condition. You will appreciate the auspiciousness of this property upon your visit. It is open for public viewing.


Kolmanskop is a short distance away from Luderitz in the Namib desert. As a ghost town now, this town is the eerie remains of a once rich mining village during the diamond-mining boom in the early 1900s. Even with the desert taking over the buildings, you can still capture the essence of what life was like for the inhabitants of this town.

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Sperrgebiet is Diamond Area 1 and this national park is located between Luderitz and Keetmanshoop just off B4. However, only people who travel with the MET or Ministry of Environment and Tourism concessionaire are allowed into the area. Plan ahead to view this area, as special permits are needed along with the guides. The diamond mining still takes place in the park, but to the north of it. Visitors who are lucky enough to be allowed in can expect an interesting trip filled with fluctuating temperatures, high winds and grit flying through the air.

Luderitz Bay

If you rather be on the water than on land, then Luderitz Bay is worth a tour. Boat cruises transport visitors daily around the numerous islands in this bay. Wildlife in this area includes such creatures as the greater flamingos, Damara terns, African penquins, cape fur seals and the Benguela dolphins. The above places are just some of the points of interest in and around Luderitz,

Namibia. Weather changes suddenly in the town so plan accordingly, as it can be hot and sunny at one moment, and cold and foggy a short time later. Enjoy your evening in the local restaurants that are famous for their seafood dishes. Plan a trip to this city soon to view all the sights on your own.

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