Le Petit Karoo Ranch


The Le Petit Karoo Ranch of Little Karoo is Rated as a Real Treat

My Grandson Recently took German friends on a Safari and they stayed and loved it!

The rolling hills of Little Karoo are surrounded by the Langeberg Mountains and the Swartberg Mountains in Western Cape, South Africa. The area is dry due to the mountain's thirst for moisture, but the diversity of streams, cliffs and fertile vineyards make this section of the Western Cape near Oudtshoorn, utterly amazing.

If You Like Ostriches

5 towns make up the whole of Little Karoo, with Oudshoorn being the largest. Around 60,000 people inhabit this quiet farm community that is known as the ostrich capital of the world. It is believed that Oudshoorn has the largest ostrich population, in any one location, on earth. Events and shows with ostriches are not hard to find, but there is much more to Little Karoo.

Le Petit Ranch

Just outside of Oudshoorn lies Le Petit Ranch. Here you will find all of the outdoor peacefulness that is expected from the protection of soaring mountains. Unlike many other accommodations in the area, this exciting resort capitalizes on the natural beauty of the area.

              Le Petit Karoo Ranch

A spacious outdoor deck with a private Jacuzzi makes a virtual paradise as the sun goes down at the end of each day. Sleeping tents are a regular part of enjoying the wild while there are solid structures to select from. Meals of South African cuisine or French-style can be enjoyed indoors or out. Because the weather stays hot, air is constantly on indoors. However, a large community pool with a well-stocked bar will probably keep you outdoors and staying cool and relaxed.

Local Sights and Activities

Tourists that are inquisitive of the area, must check out the ostrich farms and shows. The Cango Caves are also an exciting way to spend an afternoon. They are the finest in all of Africa and so extensive that the end has yet to be found. Just being part of someone's home from the Middle to Later Stone Ages will give you chills and an anticipation of what their world must have been like. Or, take a tour of the Meerkats and learn how an entire society of untaught, self-reliant mammals have set routines and habits.

Much of the enjoyment that comes from staying at Le Petit Ranch in Western Cape near Oudtshoorn, is the interaction and memories that are formed with the other guests and employees of the ranch. In a relaxed environment, worrying about nothing, enjoying the sunset and sunrise of an untouched world, you will be able to reflect on the real importance of life.

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