Lamberts Bay Western Cape

Points of Interest in and around Lamberts Bay Western CapeLamberts Bay is an idyllic seaside village located on South Africa's West Cape Coast! The village is famous for its seafood including crayfish.People from all around come to share in the benefits this village offers.Ideal venue for day trips or lengthier stays.

Snoek Fishing

Snoek is a long thin fish that is a species of the snake mackerel and is plentiful in Lamberts Bay.Fishing enthusiasts from up and down the South Africa's West Cape Coast flock to the bayto enjoy fishing for snoek. These fish are plentiful at various times throughout the year.

Sandveld Museum

Sandveld Museum is another point of interest in Lamberts Bay. The museum houses various exhibits depicting life over the years in this seaside village. Exhibits cover such items as a 1682 version of a Christian Bible, photo exhibition featuring farms of the area and farming implements of bygone eras.In addition, there is a exhibition of artifacts, photos and articles pertaining to the shipwreck of the HMS Sybille. Other items also are on display. Contact the museum at 0824829217 and it is located on Church Street.

                        Lamberts Bay Western Cape

Bird Island provides a special hide for visitors so they can watch the birds feeding,socializing and nesting without disturbing them. During socialising the birds are quite noisy! In addition, the hide allows visitors a rare glimpse into the mating ritual of the gannets from April through September every year.

The cape fur seals also frequent the reserve and play in the water surrounding the island. They will also make use of the rocky shore to take a break from the water.

Bird Island is well worth the trip. For more information, contact the reserve at +27 (0)21 483 0000 or at


Accommodations in this village include a variety of options including the Lamberts Bay Hotel. This establishment provides comfortable en-suite rooms, delicious cuisine and organized excursions. The hotel has a swimming pool on-site and is only 5 minutes from the beach. Conference facilities available for as many as 60 people. For further information, visit the hotel's website at, call at 027 432 1126, or email at

The above is just a sampling of what is available in Lamberts Bay in South Africa's West Cape Coast. Plan a trip to enjoy all these venues plus other treats this harbor village has to offer.

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