Kwazulu Natal Midlands

Kwazulu Natal Midlands

The Natal Midlands is one of the most famous routes in Africa. Sometimes referred to by the name the arts and crafts route, those visiting the area will want to include the Kwazulu Natal Midlands on their tour itinerary. Home of the historical site where Nelson Mandela, visitors won’t want to pass this experience by. Located on R301 just outside of Howick, you’ll find a historical sculpture commemorating this event that was crafted by Marco Cianfanelli.

Here, you will also find a historical museum that offers some additional informationon the political history of South Africa. Along the Natal Midlands, will be the 95 meter Howick Falls that is found on the Umgeni River. This has become a popular destination for tourists that are looking for the breathtaking viewsand the restaurants that offer visitors the chance to enjoy a meal and to experience the serene beauty of the falls.

At the base of the falls, there is an old legend of a serpent by the name of Inkanyamba that lives in the waters. While traveling the Kwazulu Midlands, it is important to stop by The Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa. Found in the UMegni River Valley, this is a reserve for antelope, zebras, giraffesand more than 270 species of birds. This picturesque area is also one boasts one of the most beautiful scenery in all of South Africa.

                       Kwazulu Natal Midlands

As you are traveling R301, there is a small town called Nottingham Road.

Here, you’ll find the haunted Nottingham Road Hotel that is said to be haunted by a spirit that leaves visitors to room 10 unsettled. While visiting the town, there is also a microbrewery that brews a unique collection of inspired beers that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. No matter if you are just stopping by for a drink, or spending a night in room 10, this will be one destination you won’t want to miss.

Along your journey, you’ll encounter the Drakensberg Mountains. While they are on the outskirts of the actual Kwazulu Midlands trail, these peaks offer high grasslands at a high altitude, side stepped rivers and other visual wonders that will be unlike anything you’ve experienced elsewhere in the world.

Kwazulu Midlands is a destination in South Africa that you won’t want to miss. Full of historical significance, picturesque landscapes and some of the best food, beer and wine in the world, this should be on the itinerary of any international traveler.

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Kwazulu Natal Midlands

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