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Everything You Need to Know about Kwzulu Natal Durban

Kwazulu Natal Durban is a province in South Africa. Its largest city is Kwazulu Natal!(Zululand) If you’re planning a visit to the country, this is one of the places you should definitely visit. Places to Visit in Durban

  • The Sapphire Coast:

  • This place is probably the perfect example of the way Durban has managed to sustain

  • Legend has it that the famous Zulu King Shaka and his men rested exactly there

  • while on their epic journey.

  • The 1000 Hills:

  • Located on the other side of the Sapphire Coast, there stands a multitude of hills,

  •  valleys and cliffs, all surrounding the Umgeni River.

  • Having been home for the Zulu people for many centuries, the hills hold a lot of history.

  • Underwater Wonderland:

  •  If scuba diving is your thing, you should definitely spend some time in the Umkomaas underwater

  • The Green Hub:

  • This is where you can hire a canoe ride, go on a hiking trip and even find the best picnic spots in the country. Things to Do in Durban! Durban, being a lively cultural and trading center, is full of interesting and adventurous things to do. Although most are related to nature, there are some exceptional activity-related locations.

                     Kwazulu Natal Durban

Health and Wellness
You can enjoy spa experiences in one of the four large, licensed centers or even meditate in the Mahasiddha Kadampa Buddhist Centre location.

Horseback Riding in the Sands
This is the perfect opportunity for the romantics and the idealists. It will enable you to enjoy the African breeze and feel the softness  of the desert sand under the hooves of the beautiful, strong horse.

Cage Diving for Sharks
If you are an experienced diver, or just an adrenaline junkie, shark cage diving will excite you like nothing has ever done. Promise!

Shopping, Nightlife and Entertainment
Being the busiest African port after Johannesburg, Durban is full of entertainment spots and unique food experiences. Enjoy the grand life of an African king by splurging on unique jewelry because of the great shopping possibilities.

Getting to Durban
Durban International airport was too small for the large traffic, so the King Shaka International airport was opened in 2010. This airport is just 35 km outside of Durban. If you are coming from or going to an international location, you will have to change flights from either Mauritius, Swaziland or another large African city. The private Virginia Airport is available for all of the charter flights coming to Durban. All national bus and train services operate to and from the city. Entering the city via a boat is not recommended.

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