Kruger Park Walking Safaris

Kruger Park Walking Safaris There are only so many relaxing beach vacations you can take before you crave an adrenaline rush. If your idea of a great vacation involves stunning scenery in a luxurious location that offers exciting outings and unusual animals that you will never see at home, your ideal vacation is a safari at South Africa’s Kruger Park.

This is one of the most popular resorts in Africa and allows encounters with the top five animals expected on safari: Buffalo Leopard Rhino Lion Elephant You can see these animals plus a variety of smaller creatures in their natural habitats. Your trip will allow you to escape into a world very different from the world in which you spend your daily life. Walking safaris allow you to connect with the natural world in a new way while exploring  some of the most dangerous animals in the world, but you are always in a safe environment. In fact, Kruger Park walking safaris allow you to enjoy a bit of luxury while still getting that rush of excitement that comes from being out on African safari.

You can choose to spend your days in the African heat connecting with the natural world, or you can choose to add spa services and other luxury options to your itinerary. You are always in control of your trip. Guided vs. Self-Guided Trips Kruger Park offers a variety of three and four-day safari trips suitable for couples, newlyweds, families and groups of all sizes.

                                  Kruger Park Walking Safaris

One choice you need to make is whether you want to enjoy a guided or self-guided safari vacation. A guided trip places you directly in control of a knowledgeable guide who ensures that you see the most important highlights and enjoy the natural scenery for maximum pleasure, relaxation and excitement. Self-guided tours allow you to drive or walk through the safari at your own pace.

You have guides maps and itineraries to help you pace your time, but your vacation is ultimatelyin your own hands. What you see and when you complete activities remains at your own discretion. This is a great option if you have been on safari before and just want to enjoy the time with someone you love without interruption. Six-Star Luxury with a Touch of Adrenaline If sweating it out in intense heat day after day without some reward doesn’t sound appealing, you are ideally suited to the six-star luxury resort services offered with some Kruger Park walking tours. You can spend the day hunting down lions through amazing viewing areas and the evening enjoying a relaxing massage.

There are also options to venture into nearby villages to interact with local cultures. Luxury tours also give you access to comfortable accommodations that feel just as good as any five-star hotel. The difference is that you have stunning views of Africa when you look out the window rather than a sandy beach. If you are ready to feel your heart race and immerse yourself in a world vastly different from your own, consider a walking tour in Kruger Park for your next vacation or group retreat.

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