Kruger National Park Lodges

Kruger National Park Lodges

The main reason that most people go to Africa is to go on safari. There is no safari destination that is more readily entered into than South Africa's Kruger National Park. There is no where on earth that has more to offer the traveler, the safari animal lover, than Kruger. Kruger national Park also boasts some of the best of the travel lodges and safari areas and views that you're going to find.
Absolute luxury is yours at some of the Kruger park lodges while other are going to be the best and most impressive way to see things in a rustic fashion. In one lodge,the Royal Malewane, you'll find a private pool in every room.  When most people visit Kruger National Park, they don't go for the luxury, they go for the wildlife and the park and the scenery. Kruger is the top park in the world for safaris. Private game reserves and private lodges are the best way to see Kruger Park and to do so in relative safety and security.

                    Kruger National Park Lodges

Kruger Park lodges range from the very fancy and the very luxurious to the very plain and rustic. The prices will range from very low to moderately high, and you can find anything that you want, depending on what you're looking for. Most of the park and the concessions are all fenced there is no border or fencing between the private reserves and Kruger Park so the animals will travel in and out with relative freedom. The safari lodges that are most worth visiting are those that are smaller in size and are relatively luxurious. They offer a wide range of cuisine and will usually have less than twenty rooms. They are small slices of heaven and you'll be catered to at every moment.

Some lodges are famed for their sightings of various animals. For example the Singita, in the Sabi Sand reserve is famed for their sightings of leopards, while several others are famous for their view of the elusive rhinos. The perfect time to go is now as there are some massive problems with rhino and elephant poaching, to the point that some areas of South Africa are considering moving outthe rhino to allow them to remain alive. Among the many Kruger Park Lodges that you may fine perfect for you are:

Jock Safari Lodge - Kruger National Park -‎

Lukimbi Safari Lodge -‎

Shishangeni Private Lodge | Kruger National Park Accommodati

Pestana Kruger Lodge - Kruger National Park -‎

Singita's Boulders and Ebony lodges - South African Tourism

View Royal Malewane - Royal Malewane | Luxury Kruger Park Safari ...

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