Kruger National Park Animals

Kruger National Park Animals

Among the many things that people visit Africa to see, the animals rank at the top of the list. The many diverse species of animals in Africa make it many people's dream vacation. Among the animals you may see in Africa's National Parks are these three, easily recognized and well loved mammals. The giraffe is probably one of the most recognizable of all of the animals that you'll see in Kruger Park. The giraffe is what is known as an ungulate, or a hoofed mammal and is the tallest living land mammal today. It has a strikingly long neck and can be easily seen for a long distance, discerned by its patches on the coat and the small protrusions on the head that are called ossicones. One thing that is very unique and distinctive about the giraffe is that every giraffe has patterns on their coat that are as unique as the finger print of a human being. The Giraffe living in most of Africa, from South Africa to Chad and from Niger to Somalia. They like open areas and eat the leafy greens from the trees.

The Black Rhino and the White Rhino

Kruger National Park Animals. Nearly everyone in the world knows what the rhino looks like. If Africa had a national animal or an icon, it would very likely be the rhino. Two types of rhino live in Africa, the Black Rhino and the White Rhino. The rhino is a very distinctive animal and has thick skin and horns on their snout. They are extremely large, and have very heavy muscles in the forepart of their body. These horns are one of the reasons these magnificent animals are endangered, as the horns have been used for centuries as a kind of medicine although the properties that it is said to have are mythical. The rhino horn can grow up to a meter long and is actually worth more than gold on the black market. Rhinos today are protected but this doesn't stop the poaching and today, the battle for the lives of both the black and the white rhino continue in many parts of Africa. Lions another majestic beast you will see Plus elusive Leopard

                    Kruger National Park Animals


The Elephant

The Elephant is one of the largest mammals in the world, living in much of Africa. Elephants are large and grayish in color, very distinctive in skin texture. They have large tusks that are made of ivory. Elephants are very social animals and live in family groups, browsing and eating greenery.. The matriarch or the oldest female is usually in charge. The female elephants usually stay with the family group for much of their lifetime. Elephants are also endangered in some areas, and are hunted for the ivory that their tusks can bring. While they are protected, some of the very large elephants, called giant tuskers have been killed recently for their ivory tusks.

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African animals are some of the most unique and most diverse in the entire world. Most of the animals that you will see in Africa are unable to be found elsewhere except in zoological parks. Your visit to Africa will provide you with some amazing sights and sounds. Don't forget your camera.

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