King Williams Town

King Williams Town

If you are a history buff, it is a must see. Bordering on the banks of the Buffalo River, it was a well-known mission station in 1834. The original buildings are still standing and remarkably preserved.

Amathole Museum

King Williams Town

For over 130 years, the Amathole Museum has been building an international reputation for its great scientific, historical and anthropological value to researchers. Among the displays, visitors will see the history of dress, squatter dwellings, elephants, Wolsak and learn interesting facts.

Huberta the Hippo

One of the favorite displays at the Amathole Museum is that of Huberta, the world's most famous hippopotamus. Spotted in 1928, Huberta could be seen walking along the Kwa-Zulu Natal coast. Sightseers at resorts and visitors in the area were fascinated by her trek, as if she were on a mission. The journey lasted 2 1/2 years until Huberta was shot and killed by farmers. The entire world was devasted and the shooters were arrested and fined for killing royal game. Even to this day, Huberta is honored as a mighty spiritual sign of protection.

Amatola Hiking Trail

Only for experienced hikers, the 6-day excursion travels through ancient indigenous rainforest, the Keiskammahoek Valley, and along the Tyume River. Weather is often changeable from extreme heat to freezing cold rain and attendees should be prepared. However, uncovered sights like waterfalls, various huts and exotic birds make this hiking journey a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

                   King Williams Town

Pirie Forest Hike

An easier way to see the magnificent natural land, animals and flora of the area, is to sign up for the Pirie Forest Hike. This one-day escapade will take you through part of the rainforest, up the mountain to a cave and offer little treasures like an old sawmill, the Evelyn Stream, and lots of moss-covered tree trunks and plants.


The Amatola Mountain View is a favorite of visitors to the Town. Surrounded by the grand Amatola Mountains and gardens filled with colorful birds, there is an air of tranquility. Dreamers Guest House is another excellent choice for those that want to experience history while resting. Built in 1887, the spacious Victorian-era structure lets you fall back in time in majesty with 19th era furnishings and a matching flower garden, just outside.

King William's Town is near The Fort Fordyce Nature Reserve where horseback riding is available in the 2,000 hectare forests and valleys. An exciting and memorable time is sure to touch each member of your group and the surrounding area with the untouched beauty of nature, mammals and birds.

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