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Exploring Karoo South Africa

When you travel, do you prefer straying from the beaten path to quiet, beautiful places where you can see forever? Karoo South Africa just might be your perfect prescription for a peaceful mind With its unspoiled nature, wide open spaces, conical hills and majestic mountains, every moment you spend in Karoo borders on the sacred.

Just get on Cape Route 62, where a profusion of wineries, trails for walking or hiking game reserves, wild animals to watch and ostriches to ride beckon you. Note: Cape Route 62 is a tourist-friendly, safe route. Karoo National Park is home to black rhinos, black eagles, buffalo, springbok and the cape mountain zebra (once almost extinct). Marvel at five different types of tortoises.

Take the fossil tour and gaze at a Diicodon fossil (reptilian-like mammal) estimated to be 240 million years old. South Africa boasts overwhelming sunsets, where hues of gold, pink, purple and blue stretch across the vast sky. Sunset is a must-see and sundowners, a must-do. Comparable to "happy hour", sundowners is a delightful time when South Africans slow-down, enjoy cocktails, munchies and salute the sunset. Oppositely, how about a birds-eye perspective of sunrise?

In Oudtshoorn go up about 1,000-feet in a hot air balloon and watch the bright reds and oranges of sunrise burst across the sky. Float over treetops and hilltops. Afterwards, enjoy a glass of champagne and a buffet breakfast

                           Karoo South Africa

The Cango Wildlife Ranch

is about three miles from Oudtshoorn. What a thrill it is to pet baby cheetahs! You'll get a close look at Bengal tiger cubs too! Other residents of the ranch include jaguars and white tigers. Join up with the education tour and get details about the Cheetah Conservation Program. Or, if you prefer, go cage diving with the crocs! The iconic Cango Caves are approximately 17 miles from Oudtshoorn. For millions of years, water has trickled over limestone ridges to form stalagmites,  such as "the hanging shawl" and "the bridal couple". If you're into extreme adrenaline rushes, take the Adventure Tour where you must crawl through the "Devil's Postbox" and wend your way up the "Devil's Chimney".

Don't leave Oudtshoorn without a trip to Ostrich Show Farm. Karoo is known as the ostrich capital of the world. If you've always wanted to take part in an ostrich race, climb on board one of these curious looking long-necked creatures for the ride of your life. For a taste of South African culture, visit Prince Albert and catch a show at the stylish Showroom Theatre. Sporting refurbished décor of art deco, red carpets and grand crystal chandeliers, it doesn't get much more elegant than this. Truly off the well-traveled road, the Showroom Theatre is a must-do. Our Verdict: Come to the Karoo and stay awhile. Stay forever!

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