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                                   Career Overview and Jobs in Namibia

Namibia has a population of over two million people. The country is located in Southern Africa and it ranks among the biggest on the continent. The country’s official language is English, but natives speak Afrikaans, German, Rukwangali, Silozi, Setswana and other local languages and dialects. Namibia’s GDP is 13.064 billion dollars. Jobs

Many people are starting to seek refuge from both Europe and the United States in Namibia. Outsourcing and retargeting are directed mainly at the African continent and a large number of companies have already transferred operations and production to Namibia. Here is a list of all the professional sectors and positions, which are expected to experience significant growth in the years to come.

                                  Jobs in Namibia

Namibia has a pressing need for all kinds of professionals specializing in the healthcare sector. There are numerous employment opportunities for individuals having degrees in disciplines ranging from pharmacology to neurosurgery.

                                                                     Business Management
With the new hype over outsourcing in Namibia and transferring international services to the country, there is serious demand for professionals having experience in management and business supervision.

PR, communications and marketing are fields that have also experienced growth in Namibia over the past few years. Various media, advertising and PR companies, as well as the international businesses, require the know-how of professionals in the field.

The mining sector contributes significantly to Namibia’s economic development. There is a whole industry related to mining with jobs for people with specific knowledge and experience. Managers, on-site agents and engineers, depot workers, millwrights and many others – mining companies are seeking professionals with a vast range of skills.Namibia Employment Figures and Facts  According to the Namibia Statistics Agency, 65.1 percent of the Namibian population is over 15-year-old and thus, an active part of the local economy. Of these individuals, 690,000 people are employed and 290,762 individuals are unemployed. The percentage of male and female individuals that are employed in the country is nearly the same.

The economically inactive part of the Namibian population represents 29.1 percent of all people in the country. Labor force participation is relatively low in the rural areas of the country. The urban centers are the ones that have the most active workplace dynamics and the ones that offer more lucrative job possibilities. The private sector is the one that employs most people – almost 40 percent of the active workforce. Subsistence communal farming comes in next with 21 percent and the governmental sector employs 17 percent of the Namibian employees

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