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The Top 3 Hostels in Durban

Durban is the most beautiful and absolutely largest city situated within the South African Province known as KwaZulu-Natal. This relaxed, friendly city welcomes millions of guests each year. If you enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, tropical breezes flowing from the Indian Ocean, pristine beaches, luxurious accommodation, and plenty of activities to pursue, you absolutely must plan a trip to Durban, South Africa. The year-round warm weather, consistent sunshine, and inviting waters has the earned  the city the name, “Surf City”. The city exhibits a cultural mix of Indian influences, Zulu influences, and other post-colonial-based influences. Throughout the City of Durban, you will discover many hostels looking to welcome you to the area and ensure that your trip is enjoyable and memorable. In this guide, you will be introduced to the top 3 Hostels in Durban PLUS Links to a number of other Hostels!

  1. 1. The Blue Sky Mining Backpackers & Lodge
If you are in search of hostels that provide a year-round oasis that provides breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean, the gorgeous sandy beachfront, and truly harnesses the true spirit of the tropics, The Blue Sky Mining Backpackers & Lodge is an ideal option for you! Unlike traditional hostels in Durban, this is located in an immense home in Warner Beach. A massive garden with two beautifully-designed swimming pools, a carefully-crafted sundeck, and an immense level of amenities – such as a pool table, self-catering kitchen, in-house nursery, and an exquisite entertainment area – are readily available to all guests.

                    Hostels in Durban

  1. 2. Smith’s Cottage

If you are in the market for traditional hostels you will find a variety of accommodations; however, if you are search for a “home away from home”, the Smith’s Cottage is for you! Situated in the midst of a breathtaking tropical garden, this fully-equipped cottage includes a multitude of modern amenities, a TV lounge, and a pool right outside of your patio!

  1. 3. Durban Backpackers – On The Beach

If you are in search of hostels that provide you with absolutely stunning panoramic-based views of the Indian Ocean, a luxurious sparkling swimming pool, and accommodations that are perfectly priced for any budget, Durban Backpackers – On the Beach, is for you! This hostel is located between the Centre of the City and the Umhlanga Rocks. Take a stroll on the sandy beach, collect beautiful shells, or take a dip in the poolor ocean – the choice is yours! There are a multitude of hostels that are perfect for you! All you have to do is research the area that you want to visit, determine your budget, and decide which amenities that you want to have. Then, you can narrow down your search! While the hostels mentioned here are not traditional-based, they will ensure that you have a wonderful time on your South African adventure!

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