Grootfontein Namibia

Grootfontein Namibia

It is a town located within the north-east region of Namibia. It is situated in an environment that is known for its lush greenery. The tropical climate makes it a tourist hotspot. During the summer months, temperatures range high, sometimes into the 100s. The winters are considered to be exceptionally mild, with temperatures normally averaging in the mid-30s. In the spring months, visitors to the region have the ability to enjoy many beautiful sights – such as the vibrant coloring of the flowering trees.

If you are searching for a lovely Namibia town to visit, Grootfontein is it, regardless of what time of the year you plan your trip. Grootfontein is a region that is well-known for farming – especially cattle and crop varieties. The entire region is well-endowed with a large assortment of wildlife species and game assortments. It is not at all uncommon to catch a glimpse of the Damara Dik-Dik, the Eland, or a Lynx that is native to the Southern African region. This is a highly developed town, which creates a unique gateway to the north-east sections of Namibia. Many individuals frequent the area each year, especially those that specialize in mining. It has been established that the region is quite popular among those that mine for copper.

                             Grootfontein Namibia

When visiting Grootfontein you will discover many different ethnic groups. This is why the town is considered to be exceptionally diverse and multi cultural. The community that is identified as the “Cosmopolitan” is considered to be a highly-fluent English speaking community. In other regions in and around Grootfontein, most speak the Afrikaans language and an assortment of other ethnic languages. Regardless of where you are from within the world, you are sure to discover someone within Grootfontein that you will be able to communicate with while on your visit to this Namibia town.

There are many exciting sights to see and experience in this town. The area is home to approximately 10,000 inhabitants. It is considered to be an ideal location for travelers who are on their way to Bushman land and the Caprivi. In the town, you will discover an old German fort from 1896 that stands with a museum that covers the unique history of the area If you visit the farm that is called “Hoba”, you will find an immense meteorite. According to historians, it is one of the largest that has ever been discovered on Earth. It is believed that this amazing rock landed on the planet approximately 80,000 years ago. It weighs an amazing 50 tons. If you want to visit an area that is exceptionally diverse, has a wide range of activities to engage in, and carries an unusual but, highly intriguing – history, you should visit Grootfontein, Namibia.

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