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Why Grahamstown Eastern Cape is Worth Visiting

The beauty of South Africa is not just in the untouched habitat that is filled with plants and animals. For over 100 years, Grahamstown has been a leader in education, arts and culture. For 111 years, Rhodes University has been drawing international acclaim to its small institution that delivers professionals, thinkers and actors. Over 40% of the students are from different nationalities, hungry for a chance to learn from the best.

Cultural and Historical Assets

The intellectual climate of Grahamstown spreads to the many museums and libraries that are found within this city of approximately 70,000 citizens. The Albany Museum Complex contains 3 separate museums. The Natural Science Museum, the Observatory Museum and the History Museum are vast in their programs of cultural and natural heritage. Considered the gem of the Eastern Cape, tourists have no shortage of facts to learn on the focused subjects of archaeology, historical diamond mining, plus the structures that once served as the Provost Prison and Fort Selwyn.

                  Grahamstown Eastern Cape

National Arts Festival

The National Arts Festival is an annual event that takes place in July each year in Grahamstown. It is the largest celebration of the arts on the continent, and has grown to over 350 events during the 11 day run. The festival was started in 1974 in order to encourage individuals to become as exceptional as possible in their chosen field. Music, dance, film, theater, visual art, and drama are among the categories in which recognition and rewards are sought. There are many additional festivals throughout the year, as well.

Other points of interest include 8 authentic tower clocks, the South African Institute for Aquatic Diversity, the International Library of African Music, and Grocott's Mail, the oldest independent newspaper in South Africa.

Where to Stay

There are many B&Bs, guest houses, lodges and farms to select from in Grahamstown. Make sure your establishment of choice is registered with the Grahamstown Hospitality Guild (GHG). 11 Worcester on Durban comes highly recommended as a B&B and St. Aidans is excellent, according to reviews, as a comfortable guest cottage. Many of the sights to see are done on foot so having a peaceful place to relax is important.

Grahamstown, located in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, is a magical place to visit. Intellectual excellence and unsuppressed talent is a way of life in this small part of the world. Seldom will you find an entire city that is focused on talent and improvement of lives. Discrimination of sex, creed or race is nearly non-existent within this society of grandeur.

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