Gobabis Namibia

Take the Time to Visit Gobabis Namibia

Gobabis is a quaint little town that represents all of the natural and cultural goodness of West Africa. Not yet a tourist attraction, this is the perfect spot to reflect on the richness of this nation. If you are looking for a 4-star hotel that has all of the amenities of home, keep on going. Life is simple here with roaming wildlife and untouched meadows.

Elephants, Cheetahs and Lions

Gobabis Namibia was once a trading post for elephant tusks. The population of elephants was one of the highest in the world. Most are gone now, but the name 'Gobabis', which means 'Elephant's fountain', serves as a reminder of the original settlement in 1856.

Hanas Wildlife Sanctuary is an animal refuge that was established for cheetahs, leopards and lions that have been orphaned or abandoned. This is a remarkable way to see the compassionate side of wild. Many of the cats are tame enough to interact with. This non-profit foundation has now grown to include a wide variety of mammals, like giraffe, baboon, hedgehogs, mongoose and porcupine. There are also birds and reptiles that are either caged or free to roam the 8,000 ha grounds. Activities and tours are available to visitors year round.

                     Gobabis Namibia

Zelda Guest and Game Farm

This Namibian cattle farm is nothing like you would expect. All types of wild game and birds share the landscape in harmony with one another. The accommodations consist of a lodge that has 16 sleeping rooms or the campsites to really get a feel for the country. Night and day game drives, feeding of the cheetahs and visiting the Nharo Bushmen Village are a few of the adventures that will leave you speechless.

Nharo Bushmen

The Nharo Bushmen is a tribe that has inhabited this area for thousands of years. They share the Zelda Guest and Game Farm and love to share their heritage and traditions with visitors. Their knowledge of indigenous plants will put any scientist to shame. They use plants for food, medicine and perfume.

Scheduled Tours

There are also cultural tours that can be booked in advance that offer 3-day guided trips. For a real education, there are safaris that can be planned anywhere from 3 to 11 days in length. National parks, wildlife, water falls and the Kalahari Desert are sights that will excite and amaze you.

Gobabis Namibia is a beautiful experience no matter if you are only passing through or are vacationing to enjoy the traditional ways of the country and the people. This area is still not widely publicized as a tourist attraction. This makes Gobabis even more intriguing. If you are hoping for a vacation out of the ordinary and filled with natural enrichment, check out this secluded spot in West Africa.

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