Giants Castle Drakensberg

The Incredible Giants Castle Drakensberg

Giant’s Castle is perhaps one of the most inspiring places in southcentral Drakensberg. From a distance, this landmark in Kwazulu Natal resembles a giant sleeping. But this grassy plateau offers more than picturesque landscapes. It is also the home to some incredible species of wildlife which can only be found in Africa. Nature enthusiasts flock this this destination to experience the nature reserve.

This is one of the few places to find the bearded vulture. In recent years, this species has experienced a sharp decline in its population. But from the months of May to September, visitors can visit the area and experience this rare species firsthand here. The best spot for catching this rare species is at the Lammergeyer Hide. Here you are more likely to see the vulture fly high in the sky and drop bones to break the on the ground. Their beaks work the cracked bones and they consume the marrow within them. Watching their feeding ritual reminds people just how fascinating nature truly is.

                                     Giants Castle Drakensberg

Two other species are frequently sought after here in Kwazulu Natal. The first is the eland. This spiral horned antelope is the largest of its kind in the world. Visitors make the trek across the globe just for a glimpse of this majestic creature. While here, many also seek one of the mischievous baboons which hide in the woods.To increase your odds of seeing one of these impressive creatures, you’ll want to take to the area of Mountain Reedbuck. On your journey, you’ll also encounter some of the incredible plants of the area. This includes the Chesnutt oak and eastern red cedar.

In Kwazulu Natal, Giant’s Castle is also known for having remarkably diverse terrain. Visitors have access to sparkling mountain streams that are perfect for relaxing by. Another option is to lie in the shadow of sandstone cliffs and watch the clouds crawl across the African skyline. Those passionate about the outdoors will find themselves right at home here at Giant’s Castle. There are plenty of hikes like the Champagne pools walk along the main gate of the Giant’s Castle or up to Bannerman Hut. There are also secluded pools of water along these trails where swimming and fishing is welcome. If you are interested in experiencing the best Africa has to offer, look no further than Giant’s Castle.\ Located in beautiful Kwazulu Natal, this is an area that will capture your imagination.

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